Effective Data Migration and Implementation of BOM Management Using PLM System
Prasad S. Patil, Prof.A.U.Gandigude
Page No. : 1-8
Implementation of Management Information system in manufacturing Industry
Ameya Kale, Nishad Kamdar, Prof. Vijay Baru, Prof S A Kulkarni
Page No. : 9-14
PLM Customization and Implementation for satisfying OEM Need for effectively managing Product Development Data
Mr. A. N. Adate, Prof. A. U. Gandigude
Page No. : 15-17
Rotary pickup
Saurabh Navale
Page No. : 18-25
Study of Statistical Process Control and Productivity of “Automatic Wire Set Machine”
Miss.R.N.Kulkarni, Mr. Sujit Pekhale, Prof.A.B.Kakade
Page No. : 26-32
PLC Based Automated Storage and Retrieval System for Multiple Racks
Mr. U. B. Nikam, Mr. S. A. Kulkarni
Page No. : 33-35
Automated Guided Vehicle System
Ms. Arpita Y. Ekatpure, Prof. S.A Kulkarni
Page No. : 36-39
Automated Manual Transmission for Two Wheeler
A.A. Jagtap, S.D. Lokhande
Page No. : 40-45
CAN Applications in Automotive Network Controls Using PIC Controller
A. C.Jibhakate , S.A.Kulkarni
Page No. : 46-50
Design and Analysis of End-of-Arm Tooling of Robot for Industrial Washing Application
MayurShedge, PrashantAnerao
Page No. : 51-60
Design and Analysis of Non-Conventional Co-Axial Rotor Blade for Multipurpose Drone
Ravi Jangir, B.P.Londhe
Page No. : 61-64
Design and Analysis of Self Centering Automatic Gripper (Steady Rest) For Supercut-6 CNC Turning Machine Using CAD And FEA
Pooja S. Jugade , Dinesh G Joshi
Page No. : 65-68
Design and development of multi-utility zero slip gripper system by application of mating worm system
Pooja D. Shintre, Sambhaji S. Gaikwad
Page No. : 69-74
Design and Development Of Spherical Robot Used For Measurement Of Humidity In Agricultural Field
Purkar G. V. , Tadamalle A. P
Page No. : 75-79
Design, Development and Analysis of Auto-Gripping Jaw System for Concrete Pipe Handling
Mr. Pawar Dhanesh Manohar, Prof. Shah B. R.
Page No. : 80-89
Development of a Communication Algorithm for Human Robot Interaction with a Mobile Robot
R. K. Gabhane , J. L. Minase
Page No. : 90-93
Development of an Obstacle Avoidance Algorithm and Path Planning Algorithm for an Autonomous Mobile Robot
S. S. Parate, J. L. Minase
Page No. : 94-99
Development of Data Transmission and Information Extraction Algorithm for Mobile Robot
P Pavithran, Dr. J. L. Minase
Page No. : 100-104
Energy management of mirc electronics ltd
Prabodh Shivaji Sharma, Basavaraj.S.Kothavale
Page No. : 105-111
Fatigue Life Prediction for Solder Interconnects in IGBT Modules for Hybrid Vehicle Application
Dipesh Kumbhakarna, Farook Sayyad
Page No. : 112-120
Implementation of an Image Processing Algorithm on a Mobile Robot
P.S.Lende, Dr.Y.P.Reddy
Page No. : 121-128
Investigation and Analysis of Viscous Fluid Damper for Vibration Reduction in Hand Held hole Saw
Sayli M. Jadhavr, P.G.Karajagi
Page No. : 129-134
Performance enhancement of mechanical power amplifier
A.B. Bhure , Dr. S.H. Gawande
Page No. : 135-143
PLC Based Automated Storage and Retrieval System for Multiple Racks
Mr. U.B. Nikam, Mr. S. A. Kulkarni
Page No. : 144-146
Position Control of a Differential Drive Mobile Robot in a Constrained Environment
R. K. Anvekar, J. L. Minase
Page No. : 147-152
SCADA System for Micro irrigation
N.N. Thakare, Prof. S.A. Shirsat
Page No. : 153-156
The Mechatronic Design of six axes Industrial Robot
D. V. Dhote, S. A. Kulkarni
Page No. : 157-160
Aerodynamic Analysis of a Spinning Missile and Trajectory Prediction using CFD
Suyog S. Kadam, Prof. Dr. S. B. Barve
Page No. : 161-166
Analysis of Hydrodynamic Journal Bearing Using CFD Optimization Technique
Rohit Kerlekar, Prof. D. Y. Dhande
Page No. : 167-169
Analysis of Pulsating Flow in 2D Channel using Ansys
Nerkar S.G, Rudrapati R, Biradar N.S, Kolhe K.P
Page No. : 170-175
Analysis of the effects of plaque deposits on the blood flow through human artery
Sajid S. Mulani, Pankaj I. Jagad
Page No. : 176-183
CFD Analysis for Designing Fluid Passages of High Pressure Reciprocating Pump
SuhasThorat, Anand Bapat, A. B. Kanase-Patil
Page No. : 184-189
Cfd analysis of heat transfer in a compact helical coil heat exchanger using fluent
N.R.Jadhao, Dr.S.L.Borse
Page No. : 90-194
Cfd analysis of single phasecircular tube by means of groove twisted tape
Prakash B Patil, Dr.Rameshrudrapati, Dr.K.P.Kolhe
Page No. : 195-199
Design and FSI (Fluid Structure Interaction) Analysis of Globe Valve-Part I: CFD Modelling
Pratik.P.Nagare, Harshal.A.Chavan
Page No. : 200-205
Flow analysis and noise reduction of discharge silencer by using cfd
M. A. Gavasane , K. V. Mali
Page No. : 206-210
Investigation for Thermal Performance of Ventilated Disc Brake Rotor using CFD
Kapil A Shelar, Mahesh Chopade
Page No. : 211-216
Performance analisys of surface textured hydrodynamic bearing using cfd
Siddheshwar S Shirbhate, Dinesh Dhande
Page No. : 217-220
Re-Design of Impeller of Centrifugal Pump of a Wankel Engine and Its Performance Analysis Using CFD
Manjunath, Nagendra Babu, Dr. D Radhakrihna, Prof. S.D. Mahajan
Page No. : 221-228
Study Of Micro channels With Fins For Effective Cooling Of Electronic Equipment With Help Of CFD
Vishal S. Sanap, Prof. Dr. S.V.Dingare
Page No. : 229-236
Study of Performance Parameters of Flour Mill Cyclone
Rahul Patil, C.S. Dharankar
Page No. : 237-242
A Co-simulation Approach Based on ADAMS-MATLAB for Development of an Industrial Manipulator
SwapnilDokhe, ShaileshPimpale
Page No. : 243-248
A Testing & Simulating performance of MR Damper
Sachin S. Borade, Ganesh E. Kondhalkar
Page No. : 249-252
Analysis, Creation and Extraction of Three-Dimensional Road Profiles Using Open CRG Tool
Rakesh Hari Borse
Page No. : 261-266
Computational Modelling of Cook-Stove for Parametrical Changes
S SuriyaNarayanan, Gandigude A U
Page No. : 267-272
Modelling and Analysis of Fir-Tree Joint in Turbine Disc with Solid and Hollow Blade
Amar R. Kadam, Sanjay B. Zope
Page No. : 273-276
Derive a mathematical model to predict instantaneous vehicle speed for different road conditions
Govind S. Giram
Page No. : 277-282
Development of Experimental Setup to Validate Bond Graph Modelling of Two Stage Reciprocating Air Compressor with Intercooler
Mr. Rahil Pujara, Mr. Sagar R. Bhave, Mr. Sachin A. Kulkarni
Page No. : 283-288
Finite Volume Time Domain Method (FVTD) For the Solution of 2D Maxwell’s Equations
Nilesh K Birajdar, Dr.Narendra R. Deore
Page No. : 289-293
Investigation of performance of vane type separator for marine application by using numerical analysis
Amit Vikram Singh, Girish Barpande, Vitthal Patil
Page No. : 295-304
Linear static & modal analysis of pump base frame
Varsha N. Bhairat, Prof.Dr.M.R.Phate
Page No. : 305-307
Mathematical modeling of different variables of solar umbrella and analysis of data using rsm
Sonal S. Chavan, R. J. Patil
Page No. : 308-312
Modal analysis and optimization of heavy duty vehicle chassis
Vilas kanaje, Dr. Rachayya Arakerimath
Page No. : 313-319
Modal Analysis of Pump Rotor System using Finite Element Analysis
Mayur A Shendge, Anil P Deshmukh
Page No. : 320-324
Modal analysis of rotor assembly of vertical turbine pump
Mr. R. R. Kumatkar , Mr. A.A. Panchwadkar
Page No. : 325-333
Modal Analysis of Spur Gear to Determine the Natural Frequencies and it’s Effect Over the Change in Material Properties
Kadam G. N., Prof.Bajaj D. S.
Page No. : 334-336
Modeling and analysis of polyamide 46 (pa46) plastic spur gear in diesel engine applications by using fea
Shekhar Pandurang Deokar, Ajay Kalmegh, Amit chaudhari
Page No. : 337-341
Modeling and Analysis of Quarter Car Vehicle Ride Model Subjected to Base Excitation
P.D. Kale, C.S. Pathak
Page No. : 342-346
Modelling and Analysis of MSRTC Aluminum Bus Structure Joints
Mangesh Mhaske, A.D.Desai, Sushant Hiremath
Page No. : 347-350
Modelling and simulation of adsorption refrigeration system using low grade thermal energy
Piyush Patil, Anindita Roy, H.U.Tiwari
Page No. : 351-355
Modelling of Atomic Force Microscope Probe with Base Motion in Media
Mohite S.C, Shinde B.M
Page No. : 356-369
Performance Analysis of Engine Mount System for Vibration Reduction using 16 DOF Mathematical Model
Mr. A. P. Kulkarni, Mr. A. A. Panchwadkar
Page No. : 360-364
Analysis of a Boring Bar Using Polymer Based Composite as a Passive Damper
C.R.Kulgod, T.A.Jadhav
Page No. : 365-371
Analysis of Divided Single Helmholtz Resonator with Flexible Panel
Mr. H.R. Jawanjal, Mr. A.A. Panchwadkar
Page No. : 372-375
Analysis of effect of change in operational/constructional parameters on the performance of twin tube hydraulic shock absorber
M. B. Gulve, S. B. Belkar
Page No. : 376-381
Analysis of Newly Proposed Composite Structure to Reduce Ill Effect of Vibration
Snehal B.Zagade, P.D. Darade
Page No. : 382-386
Analysis of Server Rack under Seismic Vibration
Jape Vaibhav G., Prof. Bhamre V.G.
Page No. : 387-393
Applicability of Ride Comfort Standard ISO 2631-1(1997) on Indian Road Condition
K. S. Kamble, H.V.Vankudre, C.S.Pathak
Page No. : 394-399
Computation of Delamination Parameters in Mono Composite Leaf Spring by Vibration Characteristics
Saket S Thombare
Page No. : 400-406
Condition Monitoring and Vibrational Analysis of Shaft Through Experimental and FEA Approach
Prajakta M Patil, Ashish U Gandigude
Page No. : 407-412
Crack detection in composite cantilever beam by vibration techniques
V.D.Jadhav, Prof. M. M. Bhoomkar
Page No. : 413-417
Crack determination in propeller shaft using natural frequency
V.D.Rajput, N.S.Chavan
Page No. : 418-420
Crack Identification of Cantilever Beam by Using Vibration Analysis
Abhijit Naik, Pavan Sonawane
Page No. : 421-423
Design & Development of Vibration Test Rig to Study Bolt Preload Decay in Flanged Threaded Fasteners
Vaibhav G. Patange, K. H. Munde
Page No. : 424-429
Design and Analysis of Excitation Mechanism for Vibration Loosening of Bolted Joints
Mr. V.A. Yewalikar, Mr.S.R.Gawade
Page No. : 430-434
Design and Analysis of Vibration Energy Extraction System
Sharad P. Ambad , Suhas P. Deshmukh , Arun V. Bhosale
Page No. : 435-441
Design and Development of Semi Active Variable Stiffness Hydro-Pneumatic Suspension System
Ranajeet Patil, Dr. M. V. Nagarhalli
Page No. : 442-449
Design and Fabrication of Magnetic Dynamometer for Micro-power Measurement
Amol S.Balte, Dr. S.Y. Gajjal, Prof.V.K.Kulloli
Page No. : 450-452
Design and Fabrication of Non-linear Damper for Vehicle Suspension
Mr. Vijaysingh M Chavan, Prof. Chandrashekhar S. Dharankar
Page No. : 453-458
Design and Implementation of Control system for Magneto-rheological damper for vibration reduction in a cantilever beam like structures
Shital Rasal, Sharad Kshirsagar
Page No. : 459-464
Design Development and Analysis of Form Springs of EN48 (D) and SS304 for Application in Junker’s Vibration Test Rig
A. V. Patil, M. A. Mohite
Page No. : 465-469
Design Development and Analysis of Viscous Damper for Vibration Reduction in Hand Held Power Tools
A.A.Koli, M.M.Tayde
Page No. : 470-474
Design Development of Hydraulic Engine Mount Isolation for Improved Vibration Damping
T. S. Dol, D. N. Korade
Page No. : 475-479
Design Methodology For Particle Damping
Sanket A. Desai, Dattatray P. Kamble
Page No. : 480-482
Design, manufacturing and experimental testing of electromagnetic vibration exciter
Prasad R. Bhokare, Atul More, V. K. Dhummansure, S. P. Deshmukh
Page No. : 483-487
Detection of Depth and Location of Crack in a Beam by Vibration Measurement and its Comparative Validation in ANN and GA
M.S. Mhaske, S.N. Shelke
Page No. : 488-493
Effect of Geometric Parameter on Free Vibration Analysis of Glass Fiber Epoxy Composite Laminated Plate With and Without Cut outs
Pranija P. Bartere, P V. Deshmukh
Page No. : 494-499
Effect of Vibration on the Health of Driver of Three Wheeler Using ISO 2631
Rajratna M. Kharat, Dr.K.K.Dhande
Page No. : 500-503
Employing Computational Techniques for Determining the Nature of Modal Frequencies and Corresponding Stresses for Gear Housing Using MSC Nastran
Dheeraj M Patil, Savita S More
Page No. : 504-511
Experimental Evaluation of Magneto rheological Damper for Passive on-off State
A.P Aher , M.W.Trikand, V.V Jagirdar , R.R Kharde
Page No. : 512-518
Experimental Study of Effect of Damping on Steel Structures using Riveted Joints
R.H Hodgar, Dr. Y. R Kharde
Page No. : 519-525
Experimental Study of Effect of Surface Defect on Vibration Response of Ball Bearing
Amol A. Swami, S.R.Patil
Page No. : 526-530
Identification and Determination of Cracks in Beams Using Vibration Analysis and FEA Approach
V. P. Bhaurkar, A. G. Thakur, L. S. Dhamande
Page No. : 531-534
Investigation to Assess Tool Wear through Vibration Signals during Turning
V.C. Wayal, N.H. Ambhore, S.S. Chinchanikar, K. S. Wangikar
Page No. : 535-542
Investigations on Performance of Free Layer Damping Treatment
Arti Mankar, Pravin P. Hujare
Page No. : 543-546
Life Prediction of Bearing by Using Vibration Analysis
P.S. Sangale, K.B.Kale
Page No. : 547-554
Measurement and Analysis of Vibrations in Taper Roller Bearing
Mohan V.Kadam, Suneeta V.Phadkule
Page No. : 555-559
Muffler size minimization, using attenuation behaviour by acoustic simulation
Sandeep K Kakade, Prof.Dr.F.B.Sayyad
Page No. : 560-564
Fault Diagnosis and Simulation of Rolling Element Bearing Using Condition Monitoring
Mr.Jagadish S. Shitole
Page No. : 565-571
Natural Frequency Analysis of Epoxy Glass Fibre Composite Cantilever Plates
Tapeshda R. Bobade , Dr.G.V.Shah
Page No. : 572-575
Noise Reduction of Centrifugal blower with Rectangular Splitter type of Silencer
Anupriya Ashok Kankal, Prof. S. R. Patil
Page No. : 576-580
Nonlinear Elastic Analysis of Structural Frame Under Dynamic Load Condition
Mr.Vrushabha sagar Patil, Mr.D.G.Joshi, Mr.Kiran Bhagate
Page No. : 581-585
Numerical modal analysis of cracked cantilever beam to study the effect of location and size of cracks
G. H. Gade, S. R. Gawade
Page No. : 586-590
Nvh characterization of composite material for commercial vehicle frame components
S. V. Vispute, A. P. Tadamalle, V. B. Bijwe
Page No. : 591-596
On Field Tractor Seat Vibration Analysis for Improving the ride Comfort of Driver
Mr. Mikhil K. Bhavsar, Prof. Vilas M. Mhaske
Page No. : 597-602
Vibration Analysis of Adhesively Bonded Lap Joint
Tushar D. Bodake, Prof. Rahul A. Marne
Page No. : 603-606
Performance Evaluation of Solar Powered Peltier Condenser to Extract Water from Ambient Air
Kiran Pawar, V. S. Shinde
Page No. : 607-612
Performance Evaluation of a Solar Still
Ghorpade R.D., Bhosale S.K., Chandgude A.K
Page No. : 613-616
Design optimization of side impact beam for higher energy absorption characteristics
Radha Krishna Nemani, Dr. Rachayya Arakerimath
Page No. : 617-621
Investigation of Performance of Plastic Worm Gear in Power Window Gearbox Application
J. B. Mahakal, D. N. Kamble
Page No. : 622-625
Design & analysis of air conditioning system for off-road vehicle
Vitthal G. Ubale, S.Y.Gajjal
Page No. : 626-631
Design and Analysis of Active Electro Hydraulic Thruster Brake for Lifting Machine
V.S. Kshirsagar, V.H.Waghmare
Page No. : 632-637
Design and Analysis of Component of Elliptical Leaf Spring mount
Miss.G.A.Kale, Mr. S R.Gawade
Page No. : 638-644
Design and Analysis of Excitation Mechanism for Vibration Loosening of Bolted Joints
Mr. V.A. Yewalikar, Mr.S.R.Gawade
Page No. : 645-649
Design and Analysis of Internal Gear Ring and External Wobble Gear for Shaft Mounted Speed Reducer
Ajit Gurav, S.G Ganiger
Page No. : 650-654
Design and Analysis of Mono-Composite Leaf Spring
Ajitkumar G. Nimbalkar, S. P. Deshmukh
Page No. : 655-658
Design and Development of an Articulated Hinge for Double Oven
A.B. Dixit, T. S. Jadhav, C. S. Pathak
Page No. : 659-664
Design and Development of Die and Plug to Minimize Springback Effect in Seamless Tubes
V.V.Nagawade, S.R.Gawade, D.B. Karanjule
Page No. : 665-667
Design and development of dual mass flywheel for improving energy storage capability
D. G. Dighole, Prof. R.S. Shelke
Page No. : 668-673
Design and Development of oil-gas dual fuel burner
Shaikh Sahil S, Barpande G.S.
Page No. : 678-681
Design and Validation of Hydraulic brake system for Utility Vehicle
K.M.Pavan , Dr. A.G.Thakur
Page No. : 682-688
Design and Validation of Hydraulic brake system for Utility Vehicle
K.M.Pavan , Dr. A.G.Thakur
Page No. : 682-688
Design of „A‟ Pillar For Crashworthiness of Vehicle
Mr. Somnath R. Sanap, Prof.S.V.Chaitanya
Page No. : 689-692
Design of agricultural mechanical weed mower
Mr. Amrutsingh J. Patil, Dr. Dhananjay Panchagade
Page No. : 693-699
Design of Innovative Motorized Tricycle for the Disabled Person
Tatyaso A. Garande, P.D. Sonawane, S.T.Chavan, G.S.Barpande
Page No. : 700-705
Design, Development and Comparative Analysis of Passive & Active Fluid Dampers for Wood Working Machinery
Mr. S.M.Gaikwad, Mr. S R.Gawade
Page No. : 706-710
Design, Simulation, and Fatigue Life Prediction of Leaf Spring for Light Passenger Vehicle Using Graphical Methodology
Dabhade Roshan Megharaj, Prof. Vidyadhar. C. Kale, Prof. Digambar. S. Chaudhary
Page No. : 711-716
Developing a methodology to Simulate cracking of a glass during conditions of crash
Pavan Gorde, N. Gangawate , Kiran More
Page No. : 717-722
Development and Analysis of Zero Point System for Universal Fixturing
Deepak D. Pawar, Dr. M. M. Tayde
Page No. : 723-727
Development of Simulation Technique for Performance Estimation of Water Cooler
M.M. Deshmukh, Dr. K.V.Mali
Page No. : 728-734
Effect of Co-flow Condition on the Performance of Lifted Spray Flame
A.M. Jamgade, U.G. Potdar, Sudarshan Kumar
Page No. : 735-740
Effect of Transmission Angle of Four Bar Mechanism of Automatic Transfer Switch in Transmitting Torque
Harsh Patil, Prof. S. M. Gaikwad
Page No. : 741-744
Effecting Compliance For Crash Through Design And Analysis Of Front Bumper For Light Vehicle
Dhumal A.V., Bhaskar S.V.
Page No. : 745-752
Ergonomic Design and Analysis of Variable Resistance Biceps Machine
Rohinesh S. K. Lalchandani, Dr.K.K.Dhande
Page No. : 753-757
Ergonomics Improvement of Foot Control of Tata Commercial Vehicle
Ankit Jain
Page No. : 758-766
Design & modal analysis of planetary gearbox casing
Sachin S. Pawar, Amol B. Gaikwad
Page No. : 767-770
Evaluation of Fatigue Failure of crankshaft Work on its crank pin analytically and numerically
Suryakant Rathod, Qaimi Mudassar
Page No. : 771-774
Experimental Analysis of Reactive Silencer
Akshay Gopal Doijode, Prof. (Dr.) S. Y. Gajjal
Page No. : 775-779
Experimental Investigation & Performance Analysis of Flat Plate Collector by Response Surface Method
Sneha Jondhale, M.V.Khot
Page No. : 780-787
Experimental Investigation and Analysis of Engine Valve Designs for Enhanced Fatigue Life
Sagar.S Deshpande, Vidyadhar.C Kale, K.V Chandratre
Page No. : 788-797
Experimental Investigation of Delta Wing Vortex Generators on a Flat Plate
A.A. Satam, S. Y. Bhosale
Page No. : 798-802
Fatigue Analysis of Welded Joints
Tabassum Karajagi, Nitin Ambhore
Page No. : 803-807
Hubbless Bicycle Design With Handle Bar Folding Mechanism
Swapnil C. Wakale, Dr. S. B. Zope
Page No. : 808-810
Interactive Design System for Creating Mechanical Characters Models
Abhay K. Abhyankar, S.Y. Gajjal
Page No. : 811-819
Investigation of effect of rim thickness on strength of annular gear of planetary gearbox under dynamic conditions
M. B. Raut, Prof. S. L. Shinde
Page No. : 820-823
Kinematic analysis of slider crank mechanism with joint clearance
Mr. H.S. Shelake, Mr. S.B. Matekar
Page No. : 824-828
Modelling, simulation and optimization of deep-draw ncup-cone assembly
Vishal S Pund
Page No. : 829-833
Modification of Chain Link Design to Increase the Breaking Strength
Shruti S. Kulkarni, Anirban C. Mitra, Ajay M Gulhane
Page No. : 834-839
Modification of Root Fillet Profile for Optimum Gear Life
A.A. Sayyad, Prof. K. H. Munde
Page No. : 840-845
Optimization of Ball Lock Separation System
Amol N. Mhadye, A. P. Tadamalle, V.Ramaswamy
Page No. : 846-849
Numerical Simulation and Experimental Verification of Notched Axle Shaft for All-Terrain Vehicles
Ajinkya R. Amle, Dinesh H. Burande
Page No. : 850-860
Redesign and Analysis of Roller Conveyor for Weight Reduction
Mr.U. R. Hadwale, Dr. S. Y. Gajjal, Mr. S. J. Thorat
Page No. : 861-865
Roller chain conveyor link failure Analysis & optimization
S R Kale, R R Navthar
Page No. : 866-868
Simulation of Routine Road Load Condition of Transportation Container to Assess Tie-down Arrangement
S.S.Pachpore, J.M.Paranjape, S.N.Khan, Dr.S.S.Salunkhe
Page No. : 869-875
Structural Analysis of Automotive Chassis Frame and Design Modification for Weight Reduction
S. A. Deshpande, Dr. F.B. Sayyad
Page No. : 876-884
Structural Design and Analysis of Coal Bunker
Gauri Dilip Ambekar, A.R. Patil, K. M. Narkar
Page No. : 885-891
Tension Behaviour of PC and PC/TPU Blend With Effects of Temperature and Strain Rate
P.G.Autade, D.S.Pawar
Page No. : 897-903
Testing & Performance Evaluation Of Tractor Mounted Hydraulic Elevator
Deepak S. Patil, Prof(Dr.). K.P.Kolhe
Page No. : 904-907
Testing of Kinematic Adjustable Pivot Drive as Application to Variable Discharge Axial Piston Pump
Priyanka D. Jagtap
Page No. : 908-914
Wavelet Transform Based Insights in Gear Fault Diagnostics
A.S. Bhandwalkar, P. B.Bawa
Page No. : 915-919
An Investigation Of Loosening Behavior Of Threaded Fastener Under Transverse Loading
S.D. Borawake, Prof. Dr .S. B. Desai
Page No. : 931-940
Analysis of a Short Beam Strength of Glass Fibre Reinforced / E-Poxy (GFR-E) Composite Material
Swapnil S. Sable, Prof. P.V. Deshmukh, Dr. S. M. Shendokar, Mr. Sachin Chavan
Page No. : 941-944
Analysis of Grinding Parameters on Residual Stress and Fatigue Performance of Crankshaft
Shweta D. Hadake, Sailesh S. Pimpale
Page No. : 945-949
Analysis of Mechanical Behaviour of Welded Joint under Residual Stresses
Abhijit K Mane, Dr. C.S. Pathak
Page No. : 950-956
Comparative Evaluation of Impact Test & Its Analysis of Impact Barrier of Vehicle
Ajinkya Patil, S. R. Patil
Page No. : 957-960
Comparison of Master Steel Leaf Spring with standard leaf spring by Experimental & FEA Analysis
Rahul Bhakare, Prof.P.M.Patare
Page No. : 961-964
Crack Identification in Cantil ever Beam by using Natural Frequencies through Experimental Set-Up & FEM Software
Swapnil Dokhe, Shailesh Pimpale
Page No. : 965-971
Design of Screw Feeding System with Shaft less Fights Bending Analysis in Earthen Pot Making Equipment
S. S. Patil, S. M. Jadhav
Page No. : 972-975
Determination of true bending stresses in spur gears by kiss soft, fem & experimental setup
Pradip B. Adake, Amol N. Patil
Page No. : 976-984
Development of Validation Protocol Using Photoelasticity
V.S.Jadhav, Dr.D.S.Watvisave
Page No. : 985-987
Elasto- Plastic Strain Rate Dependent Material Characterization of Steel Grade for Crash Simulation
Shyamkumar Rai, A. K. Dubey
Page No. : 988-997
Experimental investigation and analysis on composite brake lining with for lifting application
Prajakta Kachare, Dr.M.V.Nagarhalli
Page No. : 998-1000
Experimental Investigation of Tensile Property of Aluminum Alloy (A383) by Hot Tensile Test for Piston Application
Kothalkar A.G , Ahire M.A
Page No. : 1001-1007
Experimental Modal Analysis of Main Composite Shaft Used in Hydraulic Gear Pump
Mr. Nilesh Ramdas Ambatkar, Prof. Garad R.N
Page No. : 1008-1011
Experimental Stress Analysis of Metallic Plate with Different Cut outs
Sagar S. Gawade, R. V. Patil, G. S. Waghmare
Page No. : 1012-1014
Failure Analysis of alloy wheel for Passenger car
T. N. Kazi , S.H. Deshmukh
Page No. : 1015-1018
Fatigue analysis and design for multi leaf spring of a passenger car
Rushikesh Shirish Pande, Vishal V. Saidpatil, Dr.S.Y.Gajjal
Page No. : 1019-1023
Fatigue Analysis of Composite Drive Shaft
Prof. Mahesh.N.Pradhan, Hrishikesh.T.Gaikwad
Page No. : 1024-1029
Fatigue Analysis of VMC Spindle
Tushar Gadekar, Ajit Patil,#3S.A Kulkarni
Page No. : 1030-1034
Fatigue failure analysis of a crack in disc brake of passenger vehicle
B.B.Kokane, M.A.Mohite
Page No. : 1035-1038
Fatigue Life Estimation of a Steering Knuckle
Pawar Abhishek, Pathak Charudatta
Page No. : 1039-1043
Fatigue Life Improvement of a Composite-Metal Bolted Joint of a Heavy Vehicle Cabin
S. B.Bharamgonda, L.V. Awadhani
Page No. : 1044-1047
Fatigue Life Prediction of Composite Semi-elliptical Leaf Spring for Heavy vehicle
Pradeep B.Tapkir, Prof.Anantharama, Prof.Balaji Nelage
Page No. : 1048-1053
Fatigue life prediction of lower suspension vehicle arm
C M Kamble, Prof. D H Burande
Page No. : 1054-1058
Fatigue Strength Analysis of Bogie Structure in Mining Equipment Subjected to Multi-axial Loading
Shasshikant T. More, Dr. Mrs R. S. Bindu
Page No. : 1059-1061
Investigation on Adjustable Stroke Mechanism In Conversion Of Axial Piston Pump For Variable Discharge
Nisha R.Patil, Atul P. Kulkarni, Abhijeet R.Deshpande, Kiran S.Wangikar
Page No. : 1062-1067
Investigation on Effect of Stress Distribution at the Interface between Valve Guide and Cylinder Head of Diesel Engine
N. A. Katait, K. A. Kanase, D. P. Hujare
Page No. : 1068-1074
Investigations on Effect of Notch/Crack on Cantilever Beams
R.R.More, S.H.Gawande
Page No. : 1075-1083
Life Assessment and Failure Analysis of Crankshaft
Mr. Karan S. Tembare, Mr. Satish M. Margutti, Mr. Dadasaheb D. Rupanwar
Page No. : 1089-1095
Modeling, Analysis and Simulation of Crack and Thinning in the Sheet Metal Forming Process
Mr.Sharad Haridas Dethe, Dr. Mangesh Phate
Page No. : 1096-1103
Modelling and Fatigue analysis of Metal Matrix Composite Camshaft using Finite Element Analysis
R.D.Nipane, R.K.Patil
Page No. : 1104-1108
Multi-fault diagnosis of gear system using vibration based signal processing technique
V.S.Panwar, S.P.Mogal
Page No. : 1109-1112
Multiple Crack Detection of Beams
M.P.Kolhe, Prof.V.D.Wakchaure, Prof.A.V.Deokar
Page No. : 1113-1117
Photo-elastic Stress Analysis of Angled Abutment Dental Implant-bone Interface
Pravin R. Lokhande, Pankaj N. Dhatrak
Page No. : 1118-1123
Post buckling analysis of silos and optimization of additional stiffeners
M.M.Pande, Dr. G.V.Shah
Page No. : 1124-1129
Safeguarding Elevators against Buckling by Providing Adequate Number of Supports
Tejas R. Walgude, Akash R. Suryavanshi
Page No. : 1130-1136
Experimental Investigation of Heat Transfer Analysis of Tube in Tube Helical Coil Heat Exchanger
G.B. Mhaske, D.D.Palande
Page No. : 1137-1144
Stress Analysis of a Perforated Plate through Experimental and Computational Methods
Prashant Jayavant Thorawat, Prof. Rahul A. Marne
Page No. : 1145-1149
Study of Mechanical Behaviour of Aluminium Matrix Composite by Analytical and Experimental Approach
Nilesh S. Zagade
Page No. : 1150-1154
Study, Design and Evaluation of Skid Frame Module for its Strength & Stiffness
Aditiya. Godse, Prof. M.k.wasekar
Page No. : 1155-1160
Themo-mechanical analysis of crankcase
Sandeep L. Patil, Prof. S. B. Sollapur
Page No. : 1168-1172
Transfer coal conveyor shaft Failure analysis
Ganesh M Kumbhar, Prof Sharad Gawade
Page No. : 1173-1176
Transverse crack analysis in rotodynamic system
N. A. Dimble, S. Y. Gajjal, M. M. Joshi
Page No. : 1177-1181
Verification of the Simulation Model with actual Experimentation for Vertical Stiffness passenger car tires under a static load
Miss.P.Y.Mhaske, Prof. P.N.Narwade
Page No. : 1187-1190
Nozzle Load Stress Analysis using WRC 107 and WRC 297
G.S. Jagadale, M.S. Ramgir
Page No. : 1191-1194
Numerical Investigations on Characteristics of stresses in U Shaped Metal Expansion Bellows
V.B.Wagh, S.H.Gawande
Page No. : 1195-1200
A Case Study on Design and Analysis of Automotive Body for Crashworthiness
M.M.Pande, Dr. G.V.Shah
Page No. : 1201-1206
A review on redesign of automobile chassis for weight reduction
Bhagyashri Rodage, V.L. Bhanavase
Page No. : 1207-1210
A Study of Air Cooled Eddy Current Dynamometer Engine Test Rig
P. N. Tikar, Prof. K.M. Narkar
Page No. : 1211-1214
An Experimental Investigation and Analysis for Engine Performance, Combustion and Emissions of Dual Fuel CI Engine
Ajinkya A. Dhavale , Avinash H. Kolekar , Keshav M. Jadhav
Page No. : 1215-1224
An Innovative Device for Multi-Degree of Freedom and Positional Stability- Spherical Smart Brake
Mayur A. Ghavghave, Prof. Pradeep D. Darade
Page No. : 1225-1230
Analysis And Reduction Of Squeal Noise In A Disc Brake Of An Automotive
Mr. N.N. Kadu, Mr. N. Vivekanandan
Page No. : 1231-1236
Analysis and Optimisation of Crankshaft
Mr. S. M. Nagare, ProfP.N.Narwade
Page No. : 1237-1241
Analysis Of Active Suspension System Using Genetic Algorithm
D.S.Supekar, A.G.Thakur
Page No. : 1242-1244
Analysis of Air Intake System of Two stroke Petrol engine
Namrata Ghodake
Page No. : 1245-1249
Analysis of Exhaust Muffler for Prediction of Backpressure
Sushant S. Ingale, Prof. D.R. Panchagade
Page No. : 1250-1253
Analysis of Modified Front Suspension of Three Wheeled Passenger vehicle
AkshayBhapkar, C.S.Pathak
Page No. : 1254-1260
Approach of Mooney-Rivlin material Model in Air Intake System
Prashant Nimbalkar, Prof.Dr.Suhas Deshmukh, Vinaay Patil
Page No. : 1261-1264
Assessment of Fatigue and Modal Analysis of Camshaft
V. M. Kalshetti, H .V. Vankudre
Page No. : 1265-1270
Automatic Hydraulic Bumper System
Rohit P. Jain, Dr.V.Singh
Page No. : 1275-1283
Axle Path Generation of parabolic leaf spring by Using Two Point Deflection Three Link Mechanisms
Sachin B. Patil, Omprakash A.More
Page No. : 1284-1286
Biogas Diesel Dual Fuel Engine
Ansari Md Afzal M, Ummid Shaikh
Page No. : 1287-1291
Bond Graph Simulation of a Diesel Engine to Estimate the Effects of Downsizing
U.P.Mane, S.A.Kulkarni
Page No. : 1292-1295
An Investigation of Performance and Emission of C.I.Engine Using Callophyllum Methyl Ester As a Fuel
Mr.Amol C.Lande, Prof. S. V. Channapattana
Page No. : 1296-1302
Characterization of biodiesel blends on emission and performance characterization of IC engine
Kedar Avinash Gokhale , SupriyaBaburao Chavan, Rajendra Rayappa Kumbhar, S.C. Shilwant
Page No. : 1303-1313
Combine Harvester Engine Mounting Frame Optimization
Ravikumar Anburaj
Page No. : 1314-1319
Comparative Analysis of Bumper Beam for Low Velocity Impact
P.R.Lande, R.V.Patil
Page No. : 1320-1323
Comparative analysis of crankshaft in single cylinder petrol engine crankshaft by numerical and analytical method
Mr. Anant B. Khandkule, Prof. P. D. Kulkarni, Prof. M. A. Mohite
Page No. : 1324-1327
Computational Drag Analysis of Square-Back Car with Air Drag Breaking System
V. P. Patil, P.P.Hujare
Page No. : 1328-1332
Computer Aided Numerical Simulation of Over-Moulded Front End Carrier of Automobile
K. D. Lagwankar, P. D. Darade
Page No. : 1333-1337
Cone Ring Traction Drive
Sandip S. Aher, Prof. R. S. Shelke
Page No. : 1338-1344
Crash and Impact Strength Analysis of Structural component of the vehicle for Occupant Safety
Gauri B Mahajan, Prof.Dinesh.N.Kamble
Page No. : 1345-1348
Design & Analysis of exhaust brake system for heavy commercial vehicle applications
Sandip Rajput, Kamble D.P, Kondhalkar G.E
Page No. : 1349-1358
Design & Modification and validation Axle Seat to Prevent over Extension of Air Spring in Lift Axle air Suspension
N. V. Chougule, M. N. Pradhan
Page No. : 1359-1365
Design and Analysis of Auto Disengagement Single Plate Clutch In Automatic Transmission and Its Performance Testing
Mr. Nilkanth G. Badhe, Prof. S. V. Patil
Page No. : 1366-1371
Design and Analysis of Clutch Plate for Automatic Single Plate Clutch
Ravikiran M. Tate, S. H. Sarje
Page No. : 1372-1376
Design And Analysis Of Composite Drive Shaft For An Automobile
V. S. Jadhav, A. N. Patil
Page No. : 1377-1379
Design and Analysis of Double Wishbone Suspension
Deshmukh Amit Devidas, S. B. Zope
Page No. : 1380-1384
A Novel Approach for User Navigation Pattern Discovery and Analysis for Web Usage Mining
Prof.Priya U.Thakare, Pravin Varpe , Dipa Shedage , Jayshri Raykar, Archana Pawar
Page No. : 1385-1388
Design and Analysis of Technique of cold bending of Glass Plate
Rajusing D. Rathod, Prof. D. G. Joshi
Page No. : 1389-1393
Design And Analysis of Test Rig for Crash Test of Vehicles
Ms. Snehal P. Dhondkar, Prof.P.D.Darade
Page No. : 1394-1398
Design and Analysis of Windshield Demisting System by Using Forced Ventilation
Nilesh Hujband, Dr. S. Y. Gajjal, Prasanna Nagarhalli, S. M. Jadhav
Page No. : 1399-1402
Design and Development of a Silencer and Evaluation of Transmission loss using Analytic and Experimental Technique
Nitesh kumar
Page No. : 1403-1405
Design and Development of intake Pulse Resonance Chamber For Four Stroke Multi Cylinder engine
S.S.Phadnis, M.A.Mohite
Page No. : 1406-1408
Design and Development of Piston for Steam Engine
P.B.Bhamare, P.M.Ghanegaonkar
Page No. : 1409-1415
Design and Development of Three Wheeler Chassis
Aditya V. Sahasrabudhe, Rajesh V. Patil
Page No. : 1416-1421
Design of Integrated Super Bracket for Heavy Commercial vehicles
Amar Vhanshetti, Nitin S. Chavan
Page No. : 1426-1430
Design of Test Engine Components for Heavy Duty Applications
Anshul S. Bedi, Choudhari Chandrakishor S
Page No. : 1431-1435
Design of Transmission System (5 Speed Gearbox) For Light Commercial Vehicle
G S Gaware, D. H. Burande, Ravindra Kumar
Page No. : 1436-1441
Design, Fabrication and Testing of Mono Composite Leaf Spring for Light Motor Vehicle
Umeshkumar M Loliyana, Dr. L G Navale
Page No. : 1442-1445
Design, Optimization and Analysis of Front Suspension Parts of Three Wheeler – A Review
Pawar Harshad Bhagwat, Dr. Zope Sanjay Bhaskar
Page No. : 1446-1451
Power Generation by Suspension System Used in Automobile
Ajit Kulkarni, Dr. M. V. Nagarhall, Prof. A. K. Mahindrakar
Page No. : 1461-1464
Design of Reactive Silencer
Mandar S. Narsale, Milind S. Ramgir
Page No. : 1465-1470
Refurbishment of an IC Engine Test Setup and Interfacing with LabVIEW
S.G.Raut, V.N.Kapatkar, S.A.Kulkarni
Page No. : 1471-1475
Design Modeling and Analysis of Suspension Arm of Sport Car
Mr. PankajPhalke, Prof. (Dr) Bharat Shinde
Page No. : 1476-1480
An Experimental Study of Free Space Cooling by PCM
Priyanka R. Chavan, Ummid Shaikh
Page No. : 1481-1484
Analysing Heat transfer Augmentation using V-Jagged twisted tape
N.A.Uzagare, P.J.Bansod
Page No. : 1485-1488
Analysis for Enhancement of Natural Convection Heat Transfer on Vertical Heated Plate by Multiple V Fin Array
A.M.Dagade, S.K.Bhor
Page No. : 1489-1492
Analysis of Heat Recovery from Top Coat Oven Exhaust in Paint Shop
Mr. Sagar S. Thakare, Dr. Jitendra A. Hole
Page No. : 1493-1497
Analytical and experimental investigation of double pipe heat exchanger for optimization of longitudinal fin profile
Monica j. Indhe, V.w.bhatkar
Page No. : 1498-1504
Augmentation of heat transfer using longitudionally drilled turbulators
S P Yadav, V W Bhatkar
Page No. : 1505-1510
Augmentation of heat transfer using longitudionally drilled turbulators
S P Yadav, V W Bhatkar
Page No. : 1505-1510
Comparative thermal analysis of sah with artificial roughness
A.C.Khandelwal, A.B.Kanase-Patil
Page No. : 1511-1515
Experimental analysis of convective heat transfer performance from interrupted rectangular fin array
Page No. : 1516-1521
Convective heat transfer analysis through circular pipes using internal threads of various geometory
Ajit Patil, D. B.Shelke
Page No. : 1522-1530
Influences of twisted Square Jagged Tapes insert on heat transfer characteristics and friction factor in turbulent flow with the effects of nano-partical of Tio2 in heat transfer augmentation for smooth tube pipe heat exchanger
Mr. S.P.Deshpande, Prof.K.V.Mali, Prof.A.V.Gawandare3
Page No. : 1531-1535
Design and Parametric Analysis of Double Tube Coil Helical Heat Exchanger
S.K.Mandore, K.P.Kolhe
Page No. : 1536-1540
Design development and analysis of novel intergral heat pipe cooling system for hydraulic power pack tanks
Abhijit M. Warhate, M. R. Jagdale
Page No. : 1541-1545
Design Of Air Cooled Water Chiller
S.Y.Patil, Prof. Pravin Nithnaware
Page No. : 1546-1549
Design of High Volume Heat Exchanger with CFD Analysis for Milk Dairy
Amol S. Niphade, Harshal A.Chavan
Page No. : 1550-1553
Effect of Mixture of Ethanol-Methanol as a Working Fluid on Heat Transfer Characteristics of Thermosyphon
Vikram D. Ghadage, Sachin V. Mutalikdesai
Page No. : 1554-1562
Enhancement in the Performance of Heat Exchanger by Inserting Twisted Tape Turbulators
D.S. Nakate, S.V. Channapattana, Ravi.H.C
Page No. : 1563-1570
Enhancement of Heat Transfer from Plate Fin Heat Sinks
S.D.Ratnakar, D.D.PALANDE
Page No. : 1571-1578
Enhancement of Heat Transfer in Heat Exchanger using Punched and V-cut Twisted Tape Inserts
Imran Quazi, Prof. V.R.Mohite, Prof. J Bali
Page No. : 1579-1584
Enhancement of heat transfer rate and thermal efficiency of solar air heater by using flow turbulator on absorber plate
M.M. Nagargoje, S.K. Bhor
Page No. : 1585-1592
Experiment based Thermal Analysis of Friction Drilling Process by using Tungsten Carbide Tool on Copper
Mitkari S.R., Kamble L.V., Bagade A.A.
Page No. : 1593-1598
Experimental Analysis of Heat Transfer and Friction Factor Characteristics in Turbulent Flow through a Tube Fitted With Rectangular-Hole Twisted Tape Inserts
Ganesh R.Ghodake, Prof. R.S.Hingole
Page No. : 1599-1604
Experimental analysis of heat transfer performance on different ribs shapes in forced convection
S.B. Patel, Prof. S.V. Dingare, Prof. S.S. Kore
Page No. : 1605-1610
Experimental Analysis of Ice Plant Using EG-Water Mixture Based Nanofluids (Al2O3) with Different Particle Sizes and Volume Concentrations
Chintamani L.B. , Ghuge N.C.
Page No. : 1611-1622
Experimental and computational investigation of forced convection analysis of plate circular pin fin heat sinks over vertical base
Gaurav Kamde, Sunil Dingare
Page No. : 1623-1632
Experimental investigation and computational fluid dynamics analysis of a heat pipe with fin at condenser
G.T.Sawant, D.S.Patil
Page No. : 1639-1642
Experimental investigation of forsed convection augmentation with insert in tube
T.J. Rane, D.R. Waghole, N.K. Sane
Page No. : 1643-1648
Experimental investigation of Heat pipe Heat exchanger for Heat Recovery System
Manisha S. Rathod, Dr.Ajit M. Kate
Page No. : 1649-1652
Experimental investigation of heat transfer and fluid flow characteristics using pipe inserts through circular tube in turbulent zone
Rathod Saroj, Sable Mahendra
Page No. : 1653-1657
Experimental investigation of heat transfer augmentation in triangular duct with rectangular wing
Atole Santosh, Channapattana S.V
Page No. : 1658-1662
Experimental Investigation of Heat Transfer Characteristics in Packed Bed Gas Solid System with Spherical Particles
Mr.Y.R.Ingole, Prof.P.M..Khanwalkar, Prof.V.N.Kapatkar
Page No. : 1663-1668
Experimental investigation of heat transfer enhancement from circular dimple with different winglet vortex generators in square channel
V. D. Gawade
Page No. : 1669-1672
Thermal analysis of helical coil heat exchanger by wilson Plot method
Mr. Narayan. D. More, Prof.L. V. Kamble
Page No. : 1673-1676
Design and analysis of hydraulic oil cooler by application of heat pipe
Ashish A. Wankhede, Kishor P. Kolhe
Page No. : 1677-1681
Effect of Compression Ratio and Injection Timing on Performance and Emission of Biodiesel-diesel blend fuelled Diesel engine
Vivek Lande, Atul Elgandelwar
Page No. : 1682-1692
Effective Parameters Analysis of Heat Transfer Coefficient in Nano fluids by Taguchi Method
Bhosale C.K. , Dr. R. R. Arakerimath
Page No. : 1693-1701
Experimental Investigation of Dimpled Tubes in Double Pipe Heat Exchanger
Saurabh R. Verma, Prakash M. Khanwalkar, Sandeep S. Kore
Page No. : 1702-1705
A design, fabrication and experimental Investgation of venturi wind turbine
Mr.Lagama V. Dhanagar, Prof.S.G.Dambhare
Page No. : 1706-1710
A review on small scale combustor and power generator
Vikas H. Gaikwad, Sagar Mane Deshmukh, Dr. V. K. Bhojwani
Page No. : 1711-1716
Analysis of Eclipse Drive Train for Wind Turbine Transmission System
P.A. Katre, S.G. Ganiger
Page No. : 1717-1722
Analysis of Evacuated Tube Collector and Its Impact on Cost Reduction Measure in Boiler House
Mr.Anupkumar G. Nandekar, Dr.Narendra R. Deore
Page No. : 1723-1728
Analysis of Pump Piping for Optimum Routing Within Nozzle Allowables
Suyog U. Bhave, Pawan Sonawane
Page No. : 1729-1734
Assessment of wind loss coefficient for masonic solar still in winter climate
Bhairavnath R.Jadhav, Sandeep R.Kumbhar, Madhav G.Jadhav
Page No. : 1735-1738
Automatic Solar Tracking System
Parasnis N. V. , Tadamalle A. P
Page No. : 1739-1742
Casing Design of Centrifugal Blower
Pooja P. Lonkar , S.R.Patil
Page No. : 1743-1745
Chilled water plant pumping schemes design & vfd chillers
V.N Jagtap, Dr. Bhojwani
Page No. : 1746-1749
Design & Development of a Device to Harness Vibrational Energy to Generate Electrical Output
K.M.Afzal, A.P.Tadamalle
Page No. : 1754-1757
Design and Analysis of Energy Harvesting Exercise Equipment using FEA
Dilip P. Borse , Dr. V. V. Shinde
Page No. : 1758-1763
Design and analysis of frictionless brake for wind turbine
M. S. Deshmukh, Prof. V.G.Bhamre
Page No. : 1764-1768
Design and analysis of solar-powered refrigeration system using parabolic collector
Amit Kumar , Prof.Dr.S.B.Barve, Prof.Nilesh.T.Dhokane
Page No. : 1769-1772
Design and Analysis of Stuffing Box Used in Reciprocating Pump
Pushkar Sinkar, Anand Bapat, Abhijeet Deshpande
Page No. : 1773-1777
Design and development of compact size wind turbine for remote villages
S.K.Pawar, M.A.Mohite
Page No. : 1778-1780
Design and development of downdraft biomass gasifier to generate producer gas
Nikhil Ashok Ingle, Sanjay Shridhar Lakade
Page No. : 1781-1784
Design and Feasibility Studies of Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant at Jodhpur City
Mr. Manoj A. Patil, Mr. Shrikant D. Mahajan
Page No. : 1789-1793
Design and prototyping of optical Compound Parabolic Concentrator (CPC) for concentrating solar cell
Tushar C. Ambdekar, Prof . Sanjay.N.Havaldar , Prof .Sunil.V.Dingare ,Prof. Adinath Funde
Page No. : 1794-1799
Design and Testing of Experimental setup for Determining Performance of High Temperature Solar Power Absorber
Mohammad.A.Habib , Prof.Basavaraj .S. Kothavale, Prof Adinath Funde
Page No. : 1800-1803
Design of small wind turbine rotor for 50 watt power generations
Page No. : 1808-1811
Development of empirical correlation for nocturnal yield of masonic solar still in winter climate
Khandu H. Raut, Sandeep R.Kumbhar , Madhav G.Jadhav
Page No. : 1812-1816
Effect of Disc Surface Finish and Disc Spacing On the Performance of Bladeless Turbine
Page No. : 1817-1822
Effect of fuel particle size on the process of fluidization in a fluidized bed combustion boiler
S. G. Shukre, Dr. V. M. Kale
Page No. : 1823-1827
Experimental Analysis of a Solar Air Dryer with Thermal Energy Storage Unit (PCM)
Virendra V Bhagwat, Sanjay P Salve
Page No. : 1828-1833
Experimental and mathematical modelling of thermoelectric refrigeration system based on solar energy
Ganesh S. Dhumal, P.A. Deshmukh
Page No. : 1834-1838
Experimental method to find solar flux density distribution on a receiver plate from heliostats
Manoj kumar Maurya, Prof. P.M. Gadhe
Page No. : 1839-1843
Experimental study of evacuated tube two phase closed thermosyphon (tpct) solar collector with nano fluid.
Vishwajeet Khalipe, Padmakar Deshmukh
Page No. : 1844-1848
Performance Analysis of a Parabolic Trough Collector with Modified Receiver
Mayur Ghadge, Sachin Shinde
Page No. : 1855-1861
Performance characteristics optimization of quadrot or propellers
A.R. Savandkar, D.S. Watvisave
Page No. : 1862-1867
Performance Enhancement of a Drying Chamber of Solar Air Dryer with Phase Change Material as Thermal Energy Storage
Ashish Chaudhari, Sanjay Salve
Page No. : 1873-1877
Performance of Masonic Solar Still with Box Type Internal Condenser in Summer Climate
Mahesh D.Joshi ,Sandeep R.Kumbhar ,Madhav G.Jadhav
Page No. : 1878-1880
Simulation of super-heated steam generator for performance analysis
Nikita Patil, Prof S.O.Rajankar, Prof. S.A.Kulkarni
Page No. : 1881-1885
Small Power Generation Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT) System
Aditya P. Ghare, Arun V. Bhosale, Suhas P. Deshmukh
Page No. : 1886-1888
Study and experimental investigation Of solar dryer by using concentric Collector
Megha S. Sontakke, Sanjay P. Salve
Page No. : 1889-1892
Study of Solar Energy Storage with Phase Change Materials and Improving its Performance
S. B. Mahale, J. H. Bhangale
Page No. : 1893-1898
The bond graph simulation of steam turbine
R. R. Kulkarni, S. A. Kulkarni
Page No. : 1899-1904
Thermal performance of long evaporative section acetone fluid thermosyphon used in solar water heating system”
Mr.Harendra Kumar Jha , Mr.Mahesh.G.Bhong
Page No. : 1905-1908
Enhancement in the thermal performance of Solar Collector using Fresnel lens
Prakash R Tripathi, Mahesh Bhong
Page No. : 1909-1912
Analytical and Numerical (FEA) Investigation of V- Spring with Spring Steel and Composite Material Under Static Loading Condition
P.S.Baravkar, Dr.M.A.Venkatesh
Page No. : 1913-1917
Mechanical Evaluation of Hip Joint Implant Device by Using FEA
Pawar A. J., Biradar N. S
Page No. : 1918-1921
A Replacement of Steel by C Glass/Epoxy Composite Material in Conventional leaf spring for weight reduction
Dashrathpopat gunware
Page No. : 1922-1926
Acoustic Performance of Helmholtz Resonator with Neck as Metallic Bellows
Mr. N.H. Nandekar, Mr. A.A. Panchwadkar
Page No. : 1927-1931
An investigation of vibrational and static structural analysis of conventional and composite leaf spring using fea
S.H. Sonawane, V.G. Bhamre
Page No. : 1932-1937
Analysis of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Composite Laminate under Different Cutouts Using FEM and Reflection Polariscope
Abhijit M.Kasar, S.V.Kshirsagar
Page No. : 1938-1942
Analysis of Pile Behaviour due to Damped Vibration by Finite Element Method (FEM)
L.M.Sardesai, G.A.Kadam
Page No. : 1943-1947
Analysis of Rolling Contact Bearing Using FEM
Kamlesh Kumawat, Dr.S.H.Sarje
Page No. : 1948-1951
Base Frame Optimization of Multistage centrifugal Pump by Finite element analysis
Abhay.C. Suke, B. P. Londhe
Page No. : 1952-1955
Casttellated beam optimization by using finite element analysis
Mr. Dhanraj K Shendge, Mr. Bharat. M. Shinde.
Page No. : 1956-1960
Comparison of Flexural Joints Used in Precision Scanning Mechanism Using FEA Tool
D M Bhoge, S P Deshmukh
Page No. : 1961-1969
Comparison of Natural Frequency & Mode Shapes of Rectangular Plates & Lap Joints by Modal Analysis
Mahadev Bhusnar , Dr. Sunil Sarawade
Page No. : 1970-1976
Compression Spring Design and CAE Analysis for Fatigue life improvement
Nilam N. Tati, Prof. S. L. Shinde
Page No. : 1977-1981
Computational Fracture Mechanics Analysis of Cold Rolled Mild Steel by CTOD Technique
A.A.Shaikh, R.R.Navthar
Page No. : 1982-1985
Defect Detection on Bearing by using methods of conditional monitoring & Finite element analysis
Mayur K. Thange, Dr.Bharat M. Shinde
Page No. : 1991-1995
Design Analysis, Weight Reduction & Fatigue Life Prediction of Steering Knuckle Arm Using FEA
Mr.Kiran S. Bhokare, Dr. G. M. Kakandikar
Page No. : 1996-2001
Design and Analysis of Concrete Pipe Suspender Jaw System using FEA
Amit Patil, Satish Chinchanikar
Page No. : 2002-2005
Design and analysis of Hollow Circular Composite Structure by using Finite Element Method
C. N. Satarkar, R. V. Bhortake
Page No. : 2006-2011
Design and Analysis of Piston by FEA
C.B.Suresh, K.More
Page No. : 2012-2015
Design and Analysis of Piston by using Finite Element Analysis
Sandeep K. Kourav, Vishnu B. Ghagare
Page No. : 2016-2021
Design and development of Effective Low weight racing bicycle frame using FEA, alternate material
Mr. S. S. Pardeshil, Prof. P. S.Desle
Page No. : 2022-2027
Design and Development of Passenger Car Hood Using FEA
Rupesh Rodke, Dileep Korade
Page No. : 2028-2033
Design and Finite Element Analysis of Rope Drum and Drum Shaft for Lifted Material Loading Condition
Digvijay D. Patil, Prof. Kiran M. Narkar
Page No. : 2034-2040
Design and stress analysis of single girder jib crane
Amreeta R.K, Dr. V. Singh
Page No. : 2041-2046
Design of Chain Conveyor System and Analysis by FEM
K D Kolhe, Prof H K Mishra
Page No. : 2047-2052
Design of Plastic/Steel Component for Required Life by Experimental and Finite Element Method
Sachin Shah, Josip Miskic
Page No. : 2053-2058
Design, Analysis and Performance Investigation of Adjustable Torque Spring Ball Clutch
D.T.Gawade, S. H. More
Page No. : 2059-2063
Design, Optimization and Finite Element Analysis of Crankshaft
Bhalerao Ganesh Nandkumar, Prof. Zope Sanjay Bhaskar
Page No. : 2064-2072
Design and Finite Element Analysis of Vibrating Sifter
Harshada Barde Prof. Sanjaysingh Vijaysingh Patil
Page No. : 2073-2076
Develop Robust Finite Element Analysis For V-Band Clamp
Dnyanesh Gawande, Ganesh E Kondhalkar
Page No. : 2077-2082
Development and Analysis of Wheelchair Cum Stretcher Using CAE Software
Page No. : 2083-2087
Development and Analysis of Wheelchair Cum Stretcher Using CAE Software
Ranjit P. Katkar, M. V. Nagarhalli, Pankaj S. Desle
Page No. : 2083-2087
Effect of Screw Profile on Stress Distribution Pattern of Dental Implants by FEA
Raiphale Govind, Shinde B.M
Page No. : 2088-2092
Evaluate and Improve Torsional Stiffness of BIW Using FEA and Validate Results with Test
Sushant S. Dinde
Page No. : 2093-2100
Experimental & FEA Assessment of Modification in Valve Operating System in IC engine
Vikas M. Kashid, A. B. Gaikwad
Page No. : 2101-2107
Experimental and FEA Analysis of Goat Femur Bone With Different Age Group
Govind V. Thombare, Shrinivas V. Shelge ,Hanumant P. Borate
Page No. : 2108-2115
Experimental and FEA Analysis of Goat Femur Bone With Different Age Group
Govind V. Thombare, Shrinivas V. Shelge ,Hanumant P. Borate
Page No. : 2108-2115
Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Case Gear Meter Casting Die
Vispute P. R.,Chaudhari D.S.
Page No. : 2116-2120
Failure Co-Relation of EGR Housing and it’s Strength Optimization Using FEA Tool
Pravin S. Salunkhe, Suryaji R. Babar, Vishal K. Dhummansure
Page No. : 2121-2125
Fault Diagnosis and Dynamic Simulation of Gear Box Using Finite Element Analysis
R.D.Sonar, V.L.Kadlag
Page No. : 2126-2133
Fea analysis of alloy wheel rim for corner fatigue test with optimization of weight and shape
Tejas P. Bhakte, T. R. Shinde, C. J. Bhosale
Page No. : 2134-2138
Fea analysis of reciprocating screw and coupling of injection molding machine
Mr.Venugopal P. Kulkarni, Mr. Shailesh Pimpale
Page No. : 2139-2143
FEA Of Catalyst Bed Reactor Vessel and its Optimization
Navin Nagpurkar, Nitin Ambhore
Page No. : 2144-2147
Fem Analysis of Deep Groove Ball Bearings with Various Defects
Pravin Z. Lokhande, Kashinath H. Munde, Ganesh E.
Page No. : 2148-2154
FEM Analysis of Plate Type Magneto-Rheological Brake
Nitin N. Suryawanshi, Prof. R. V. Patil
Page No. : 2155-2159
Finite element analysis of bolt pattern and its significance on strength characteristics of support
A.M.Sanas, Prof. N.V.Lakal
Page No. : 2160-2165
Finite Element Analysis Of Emergency Shut Off Valve
Dhanashree D.Ambekar, Vinaay.G.Patil, Harshad.A.Bawiskar
Page No. : 2166-2170
The contact analysis for Barrel coupling based on Ansys
V.V.Vaidya , A.P.Tadmalle
Page No. : 2171-2178
Enhancement of thermal performance of thermosyphon heat pipe using nano-fluid
G.D.Jagtap, Dr.M.J.Sable , Prof. S.V. Jamle , Prof. S V Mohitwar
Page No. : 2179-2181
Performance and emission analysis of 4 stroke compression Ignition engine using turmeric leaf oil as a fuel
Shashikant S. Kemdarne, Dr.J.A.Hole, Dr. Abhay Pawar
Page No. : 2182-2185
Experimental Analysis of Heat Exchangers in Thermoelectric Generator for Automotive Application
Kiran R.Sonawane, Nilesh.C.Ghuge
Page No. : 2186-2192
Operating limits of heat pipe heat exchanger for air conditioning Application
S.D. Gode, T.S. Jadhav, M.M. Lele
Page No. : 2197-2203
A Dissertation Report On “Pressure Vessel Filter: FEA case Study”
Prof. D.K Nath
Page No. : 2204-2230
Analysis & Simulation of Casting to Eliminate Casting Defects
V.V. Nimbalkar, R.R. Ghorpade, U.S.Khade
Page No. : 2231-2234
Process Parameter Optimization of End Milling Using Design of Experiment Considering Material Variation
A.R.Lande, S.B.Patil
Page No. : 2239-2246
Design and finite element analysis of concentric pipe heat exchanger
Pankaj D. Lad, Baban P. Londhe, Vinay G. Patil
Page No. : 2256-2263
Experimental analysis of reactive stress analysis of polycarbonate spur gears for sugarcane juice machine using FEA
Mr.Samadhan M.Lande, Prof.Avinash B.Vermar
Page No. : 2264-2269
Finite Element Analysis and Optimization of Diesel Engine Connecting Rod
Ajinkya.A.Bhilare, Akash.R.Suryavanshi
Page No. : 2275-2281
Finite element analysis approach for enhancement of fatigue life of suspension coil spring
Chandrakant U. Chavan, Dr. G. M. Kakandikar
Page No. : 2282-2287
Finite Element Analysis Based Analysis of the Effects of Length Increment on the Performance Characteristics of a Ligament
Ashish. A. Deshmukh, H. S. Bawiskar, V.G.Patil
Page No. : 2288-2294
Finite Element Analysis Based Optimization of Expansion Joint with Fatigue Analysis
Harshal R. Aher, Dr. A.G. Thakur, Vinaay Patil
Page No. : 2295-2300
Finite element analysis of carbon nanotube based composites
Mr. B. M. Powar, Mr. S. M. Sanap
Page No. : 2301-2310
Finite element analysis of circular cross sections subjected to combined loading
Ajinkya Patil, Devraj Sonavane, Suhasini Desai
Page No. : 2311,2315
Finite Element Analysis of Composite Leg and Optimization
Rahul Suryawanshi
Page No. : 2316-2321
Finite Element Analysis of Relay Switch in a Press Fit Fixture
C.S. Kulkarni, S.H. Deshmukh
Page No. : 2327-2330
Finite element method analysis of chain conveyor system and stress distribution in chain link
K D Kolhe, Prof H K Mishra
Page No. : 2331-2336
Finite Element Simulation of Orthogonal Cutting Process for Steel
Atul A. Jadhav, Milind S. Ramgir
Page No. : 2337-2341
Geometry Modification of a Two Wheeler Crankshaft for the Mass Reduction
Vaibhav V. Dighe, Shripad R. Nimbalkar
Page No. : 2342-2347
Jib Crane Analysis Using FEM
S. S. Kiranalli, N.U. Patil
Page No. : 2348-2352
Material Modelling methodology for Automotive Plastic parts for dynamic simulation
Rajkumar Gadvi, Prof S.V.Chaitanya
Page No. : 2353-2359
Mechanical Evaluation of Interlocking Nailing System by Using FEA Technique
A. P. Gaurvadkar, N. S. Biradar
Page No. : 2360-2365
Modeling and Analysis of Aluminum alloy Composite Connecting rod for comparative study of mechanical parameters using FEA
Vijay D Patil, D.N.Korade
Page No. : 2366-2371
Modeling and Finite Element Analysis of Flywheel Ring Gear & Starter Motor Pinion
Parag Vyankatrao Thote, Dr. S.P. Deshmukh
Page No. : 2372-2378
Modelling and Analysis of MSRTC Aluminum Bus Structure Joints
Mangesh Mhaske, A.D.Desai, Sushant Hiremath
Page No. : 2379-2382
Modelling and Analysis of Nano-indentation Process by Finite Element Approach and Experimental Validation
Priti A.Tembhurnikar, Ashwin D. Patil
Page No. : 2383-2386
Modeling, Analysis and Comparison of Crankshaft for Weight Optimization Using FEA
EknathB.Pore, D. N. Korade
Page No. : 2387-2391
Parametric modeling and fea analysis of automobile leaf spring
Page No. : 2392-2396
Parametric study and Response Surface of an IGBT Module using finite element method
Neha Malu, F. B. Sayyad
Page No. : 2397-2404
Parametric Study of Crash Padding Used In Automotive Door Panel Using CAE
S. P. Dalavi, P. M. Ghanegaonkar
Page No. : 2405-2410
Performance Analysis of a Handle Bar Using Finite Element Methods to Enhance the Strength
Amol H. Parihar
Page No. : 2411-2415
Performance Analysis of Composite Leaf Spring
S S Sangale, K B Kale
Page No. : 2416-2423
Performance analysis of Composite Material Mono Leaf Spring
Sandeep Shinde, Prof.S.M.Magar
Page No. : 2424-2427
Performance Enhancement of School Bus Seat as per AIS-023 through FEA and Validation
S.T.Dudhabhate, T.A.Jadhav
Page No. : 2428-2433
Performing Structural Analysis for Assessment of Strength for „The Joint of Transmission Drive Shaft‟ Using Finite Element Modelling Techniques
Mr. A.B. Gavasane, Mr. M.S. Ramgir
Page No. : 2434-2439
Static and Dynamic Analysis of Epicyclic Gear Train
H. S. Nejkar , D. H. Burande
Page No. : 2440-2446
Static and Fatigue analysis of Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic (GFRP) mono leaf spring
Amit B. Bhoj, Prof. Nagendra I Jamadar
Page No. : 2447-2452
Static and Fatigue Performance of Resistance Spot Welds in Tailgate
Vijay Desai, Kiran More
Page No. : 2453-2460
Static and Modal analysis of heavy duty vehicle chassis
Vilas kanaje, Dr. Rachayya Arakerimath
Page No. : 2461-2468
Static and Vibration Analysis of Racing Bicycle Frame
Miss Aparna Deshpande, Prof. Amol Gaikwad
Page No. : 2469-2473
Strength Evaluation of Adhesive Joint in Brake Shoe of an Automotive System
Mr. Bhusal K. H., Prof. Nimbalkar S. R.
Page No. : 2474-2480
Stress Analysis and Optimization of Dental Implants
R.S.Jadhav, Dr. S. Y. Gajjal, Prof.V. K. Kulloli, Prof.P.N.Dhatrak
Page No. : 2481-2483
Stress Analysis and Optimization of Rolling Mill Housing Using FEA Tool
Akshaya Chavan, M.A. Venkatesh
Page No. : 2484-2490
Stress Analysis of Connecting Rod of Two Wheeler Engine Using Finite Element Method
Sameer Nasir Momin, R.J. Gawande
Page No. : 2491-2497
Stress Analysis of Reactor with composite material by FEA
Anup wani, S.S Nehe, M.Chamnalli
Page No. : 2498-2503
Stress analysis of tube sheet and shell joint by Finite Element Method and Equivalent Beam Method
Ahirrao T.S
Page No. : 2504-2507
Stress Analysis Using FEM For The Tooth of Earth Mover Shovel to Enhance Structural Strength
Pradip N. Mule, Arun V. Bhosale
Page No. : 2508-2510
Structural Analysis of Pre RO Carbon Filter
Sumit A.Mali, Mahendra U.Gaikwad, Jagdish L.Shinde
Page No. : 2511-2513
Structural analysis with mapping of formability analysis results for sheet metal part in automotive application
Rahul R. Bhore , Prof. Amol B. Gaikwad
Page No. : 2514-2518
Study and Analysis of Disc Brake to Reduce Disc Brake Squeal
Shahabaj S. Bagwan, Shrinivas V. Shelge
Page No. : 2519-2525
Topology Optimization of Automotive Steering Knuckle using Finite Element Analysis
Page No. : 2526-2529
Worm Wheel Analysis of Winch Machine Gearbox Using Experimental & FEA
A.S.Faras, K.P.Kolhe
Page No. : 2530-2533
A Review on Ball Bearing Analysis of Fault Simulation Using Finite Element Method
Mr. Shinde S. S. , Dr. Dhamejani C. L.
Page No. : 2534-2538
An investigation of tribological performance of polymer based composites under different sliding conditions
Mr. S. B. Ambre, Prof. V. S. Aher, Prof. Dr. G. J. Vikhe-Patil
Page No. : 2539-2542
An Investigation on Performance of Journal Bearing Operating in Boundary Lubrication
P. D. Shinde, P. N. Nagare
Page No. : 2543-2546
Analysis of effect of solid contaminants in lubrication on vibration response of ball bearing
Sachin P. Godase, S. S .Nehe, B. Anatharama
Page No. : 2547-2551
Characteristics of conical hydrostatic journal bearing under micro polar lubrication
Mr. Dumbare L.R., Prof Galhe D. S.
Page No. : 2552-2555
Comparative analysis for tribological behaviour of PTFE composite with different filler material
Shubhangi G Varpe, Dr. D. M.Mate
Page No. : 2556-2559
Condition Monitoring of Ball Bearing Using Vibration Analysis and Feature Extraction
S. V. Shelke, A. G. Thakur, L. S. Dhamande
Page No. : 2560-2564
Design and analysis of ball filling unit in deep groove ball bearing
S. B. Pawar, S.Upadhaye, S. B. Desai
Page No. : 2565-2568
Design and development of outer diameter checking pokayoke for taper roller bearing
C. K. Jadhav, G. V. Shah
Page No. : 2569-2574
Design and Automation for Water Pump Bearing
Miss.Sayali S. Kulkarni, Prof.S.V.Ingle
Page No. : 2575-2577
Developing Oil Filter to Extend Oil Drain Interval
Mrinmayee B. Pokharkar, Dinesh H. Burande
Page No. : 2578-2581
Effect of Different Impacting Particle Kinetic Energy on Slurry Erosion Wear
P. P. Shitole, S. H. Gawande, G. R. Desale
Page No. : 2582-2589
Experimental Analysis of Tribological Properties of Lubricating Oil Using Nanoparticle Additives
S.N.Mandlik, Prof. S.R.Nimbalkar
Page No. : 2590-2594
Experimental Investigation of Tribological Behaviour of Nano-Oil
Amarsinh S. Shinde, Prof. S. C. Shilwant
Page No. : 2595-2598
Exprimental analysis of tribological properties of lubricating oil using nanoparticle additives
S.N.Mandlik, Prof. S.R.Nimbalkar
Page No. : 2599-2603
Failure Analysis of Bearing Cup
Sachin Shelke , Pradnya Kosbe
Page No. : 2604-2609
Fault detection of conditioned thrust bearing groove race defect using vibration signal and wavelet transform
G.R. Chaudhary, S.V.Kshirsagar
Page No. : 2610-2614
Friction & Wear Characteristics of Mg-MWCNT & AZ31-MWCNT Nanocomposites
Sachin Tukaram Berad, Prof.J. Jayakumar
Page No. : 2615-2619
Friction & Wear Monitoring of Sintered Spherical Iron Bush
Prashant A. Kande
Page No. : 2620-2623
Friction and Wear Analysis of PTFE Composite
Mr. P.M.Chandankar, Dr.N.K.Nath, Prof A.D.Diwate, Prof S. S.Jamble, Ms.A.A.Dyade
Page No. : 2624-2627
Frictionless Voice Coil Actuator: Design Review
S. B. Todkar, S. P. Deshmukh
Page No. : 2628-2630
Gyroscopic Effect on the Ball of Bearing with Transient and Variation Calculus Approach for Crack Analysis on Defective Bearings
Anwar Wali Gutti, Avinash Badadhe
Page No. : 2631-2637
Hydro forming of Vehicle Chassis Frame with varying Blank holding loads by FEA & FTI
Chinnababu Arangi
Page No. : 2638-2642
Improving Bearing Life by Studying & Optimizing Tooling Design
Mohan V.Kadam, Suneeta V.Phadkule
Page No. : 2643-2646
Investigation and Development of Tribological Behavior of PEEK and PEEK Composites under Harsh Operating Condition
Mr.Mankar N.A., Prof. Rijumon K
Page No. : 2647-2652
Investigation Of Performance Of Hydrodynamic Multilobe Bearing: A Review
Mahesh Nigade, Prof. Ganesh e. Kondhalkar
Page No. : 2653-2655
Fault detection in ball bearing using vibration analysis technique
Omprakash A. Shinde, S. A. Kale, G. P. Bharambe
Page No. : 2656-2660
Investigation Of Tribological Behavior Of Peek With Carbon Filled Composites Under Harsh Operating Conditions
Mr.Karpe Ganesh G, Dr. C.L. Dhamejani
Page No. : 2661-2664
Investigation of Wear and Load Carrying Capacity of Composite Gears
B. R.Ambre, V.D.Wakchaure
Page No. : 2665-2668
Linear and Non Linear analysis of Plain Circular Journal Bearing lubricated with Micropolar Fluid
Pallavi Jagdale
Page No. : 2669-2674
Linear and Nonlinear Analysis of Plain Journal Bearings Lubricated With Couple Stress Fluid
Deepali Kangude
Page No. : 2675-2682
Multi-Objective Optimization of Rolling Element of Bearing Using Genetic Algorithm
Miss.S.G.Deshpande, Prof.L.S.Damande
Page No. : 2683-2687
Performance analysis of surface textured hydrodynamic bearing using cfd
Siddheshwar S Shirbhate, Dinesh Dhande
Page No. : 2688-2691
Performance Analysis of PTFE as A Journal Bearing Material
D. D. Desale, P.A. Narwade
Page No. : 2692-2695
Performance Evaluation of Tribological Properties of Cotton Seed Oil for Multi-cylinder Engine
A. S. Kalhapure, V. M. Mhaske, D. S. Bajaj
Page No. : 2696-2699
Performance of Masonic Solar Still with Tube Type Internal Condenser in Summer Climate
Sarika S.Panpatil, Sandeep R.Kumbhar, Madhav G.Jadhav
Page No. : 2700-2704
Performance of Nano Particle added Lubricating Oil Hydrodynamic Journal Bearing
Mr. Shahaji Bhosale, Prof. Ganesh Kekan
Page No. : 2705-2708
Sliding Wear Behaviour of Polyoxy methylene Material on Surface Texturing in SS 304 by Tribo meter
M. B. Gophane, V. S. Aher
Page No. : 2709-2714
Some Investigations on Friction & Wear Properties of Different Steel Materials
R.S. Godse , S. H.Gawande
Page No. : 2715-2719
The effect of carbon black filler on mechanical properties of EPDM rubber component
Keshav C.Arote , Prof. V D Wakchaure
Page No. : 2720-2722
Tribological Behavior of PTFE Composite For Journal Bearing
P. D. Pansare, D. S. Bajaj
Page No. : 2723-2727
Contact stress analysis of kiln tyre and thrust roller by using normal loading
Prasad Ingawale, Kiran Narkar
Page No. : 2728-2732
Design and Analysis of Plastic Ice-cream Spoon for Elimination of Defects
S.D.Sonawane, S. K.Dahake
Page No. : 2733-2738
Experimental investigation and analysis for selection of rapid prototyping processes
V. E. Kothawade, S. P. Kakade, A. P. Khot
Page No. : 2739-2743
4/5 Spindle Nut-Runner Drive System
Sneha H. Metkar , A. D. Lagad
Page No. : 2744-2746
A comparative investigation of TIG and Electric arc welding for strength analysis
Shinde Rajendra, Prof. Rahane S.P
Page No. : 2747-2750
A review on effect of welding parameters on mechanical properties and microstructure of butt welded mild steel plates
Amit P. Shinde, Abhijeet R. Deshpande , Satish S. Chinchanikar
Page No. : 2751-2755
Analysis of die block
Pramila s. Chine, prof. Vishnu s. Aher
Page No. : 2756-2760
Crack Identification in Can til ever Beam by using Natural Frequencies through Experimental Set-Up& FEM Software
Swapnil Dokhe, Shailesh Pimpale
Page No. : 2761-2767
Analysis of Residual Stresses in Butt Welded Steel Pipe
Pankaj s palve, S. V. Kshirsagar
Page No. : 2768-2773
Analysis of Tool Geometry Effect on Mechanical Properties of Friction Stir Welded AA6082 Aluminium Alloy
Saket Borse, Dr. A. V. Damale
Page No. : 2774-2778
Defect detection of single point cutting tool using vibration signals and decision tree algorithm
L. B. Mali, A. R. Suryavanshi
Page No. : 2779-2785
Cutting Tool Condition Monitoring by Vibration Analysis
R. C. Chinchawade, Prof. Y. P. Reddy
Page No. : 2786-2788
Design & Development of Acoustic Baffle by Injection Molding
Varsha N. Dhangar, Avinash Badhade
Page No. : 2789-2795
Design , Analysis And Manufacturing of Garbage compactor
Suraj gavali , Dr.R.j.patil
Page No. : 2796-2799
Design and Analysis Jigs and fixture of Driver side and Left side body Frame of Bus
R.S. Bhorge, Prof. S.G. Jadhav
Page No. : 2800-2803
Design and Analysis of Machine Tool Spindle for Maximum Cutting Force Condition
Shivaraj S.Vadgeri , S.R.Patil
Page No. : 2804-2808
Design and development of a torch head mechanism for a cnc plasma cutting machine
Mr. M.E. Shinde, Dr. S.S. Lakade
Page No. : 2809-2812
Design and Development of Die and Plug to Minimize Spring back Effect in Seamless Tubes
V.V.Nagawade, S.R.Gawade, D.B. Karanjule
Page No. : 2813-2815
Design and Manufacturing of Mechanism for Rowing Simulator
Mandar S. Rokhade, Sandip T. Chavan, Anant M. Chakradeo
Page No. : 2816-2820
Design of Welding Jig for Manufacturing of Roof and Rear Frame of the Bus
R.D.Yadav, S.G.Jadhav
Page No. : 2821-2824
Design, Development And Analysis Active Gravity Conveyor For Flexible Manufacturing Using Karakuri Mechanism
Ms. Vrushali R. Rajmane, Mr.Chandrakant R.Sonawane
Page No. : 2825-2831
Design, Development and Manufacturing of an Attachment Unit for Horizontal Boring and Milling Machine
Onkar Dhepe, Shrikant Girme, Suneeta Phadkule
Page No. : 2832-2834
Design, Fabrication and Analysis of Special Purpose Machine for Drilling and Riveting
Manish Kale, Prof. D. A. Mahajan, Prof. (Dr.) S. Y. Gajjal
Page No. : 2835-2841
Design, Fabrication and Performance Analysis of Scheffler Reflector
Mr. A. M. Akhade, Dr. R. J. PAtil
Page No. : 2842-2844
Development of Construction Bricks Using Coconut Shell Powder as an aggregate Material
Pranav P. Datar, Vikas V. Shinde
Page No. : 2845-2848
Development of Pumpkin Based Polymer Composite and Study of Their Mechanical Properties
Mr. A.V.Dhamale, Dr.S.S.Lakade
Page No. : 2849-2853
Development of Pumpkin Based Polymer Composite and Study of Their Mechanical Properties
Mr. A.V.Dhamale, Dr.S.S.Lakade
Page No. : 2849-2853
Effect of Composite Materials on The Stiffness of The Torsion Bar
Mr.Kumbar R. B.,Dr.Sonawane C. R
Page No. : 2854-2858
Effect of heat input on tensile strength and micro structure of butt weld joint using mig welding
A LDhobale, Prof H K Mishra
Page No. : 2859-2865
Effect of Nose Radius on surface roughness and Cutting Force in orthogonal cutting
Dongare Y.S. , Belkar S.B.
Page No. : 2866-2870
Evaluation of Pullout Performance of Tapered Screw
Mr. A.N.Wadhi, Mr.S.B. Matekar
Page No. : 2871-2875
Experimental study on friction stir welding of aluminium alloys (AA6063)
Mr. S.R. Bhasale, Prof. M. K. Wasekar
Page No. : 2876-2880
Forging Die Design For Camshaft
D. J. Sangale, R. S. Bondre, P. N. Nagare
Page No. : 2881-2883
Laser welding of explosive filled components
Amrut Moharir, Dr. Virendra Kumar, Prof. Sanjay Deodas, Dr. Dhananjay Panchagade
Page No. : 2884-2888
Machining Challenges in Ti-6Al-4V Part Manufacturing
A.S Patil, S.V. Ingle
Page No. : 2889-2894
Numerical and Experimental Analysis of Tool Wear in Orthogonal Cutting
Sandeep B. Survase, P. D. Darade, Ganesh K. Lamdhade
Page No. : 2895-2899
Numerical Modelling and Experimental Study of Interface Temperature Distribution during Hard Turning of AISI 304
S.G. Valkunde, K.C. More, A.P. Kulkarni
Page No. : 2900-2904
Numerical Modelling of Residual Stresses Generated due to Orthogonal Cutting of AISI 52100 Steel
Sujit D. Pawar, A.V. Salve, S.S. Chinchanikar
Page No. : 2905-2910
Optimization of Preform Shape and Forging Parameters for a Connecting Rod Using Software-Forge HPC 2011 SP1
Prasanna P. Tale, Satej S. Kelkar
Page No. : 2911-2914
Optimization of surface grinding process parameters for aisi d2 steel
T. V. Mahajan, A.M. Nikalje, J.P. Supale
Page No. : 2915-2919
Production Capacity Ramp Up by Increasing First Yield Pass Using DMAIC Approach
Bhushan Shinde, B. D. Mahadik, S. Z. Ali
Page No. : 2920-2925
Productivity Improvement in Gear Hobbing Process by Using Different Cutter Materials-A Re view
S.V. Shewale, Prof. S.R. Suryawanshi
Page No. : 2926-2928
Selection of die punches material for optimum design
Page No. : 2929-2933
Spring back optimization in deep drawing using cuckoo search algorithm
Archana Patil, G. M. Kakandikar
Page No. : 2934-2937
Spring back optimization in metal forming using cohort intelligence
Omkar. Kulkarni, G. M. Kakandikar
Page No. : 2938-2942
Studies on Mechanical Performance of Hemp/Jute Reinforced Epoxy Hybrid Composites
Pradip Sature, Ashok Mache, Kiran Wangikar
Page No. : 2943-2949
Study of Effects of Gas Metal Arc Welding Process Parameters on the Weld Strength of Automotive Chassis
Mayuresh S. Likhite, O. A. More
Page No. : 2950-2953
Study of Weld Bead Parameters Affected due to Magnetic Arc Blow in Arc Welding
S. B. Wavare
Page No. : 2954-2957
Study on FML plate and Hybrid Composite plate
Prashant Kavitake, R.R.Ghadge
Page No. : 2958-2961
Study on mechanical properties of al-cnt composites fabricated through powder metallurgy
A.S. Athare, J. Jayakumar
Page No. : 2962-2965
Study on mechanical properties of hot extruded az31-mwcnt composites fabricated by powder metallurgy
S. H. Pawar, J. Jayakumar
Page No. : 2966-2970
Synthesis and Fabrication Cu/CNT Composite by Stir Casting and Powder Metallurgy Process
Mr. S. A. Deshmukh , Prof. J. Jayakumar
Page No. : 2971-2975
Synthesis of Aluminium Alloy Based Discontinuous Metal Matrix Composites Reinforced With Ceramic Particles Using Liquid Metallurgy Route
Praveen V. Patil
Page No. : 2976-2978
Synthesis of Hot Extruded AZ91-MWCNT Nano composites by Stir Casting
Suhas Savant, Jayaraman Jayakumar
Page No. : 2979-2983
To maintain Insert dimensions by using Both Side Pressing method in powder compacting process
K.B. Kambale, S.B.Patil
Page No. : 2984-2986
Wear mechanism and optimum parameters for finish hard turning using pvd coated carbide
Virendra B. Kalmegh, Sushil V. Ingle
Page No. : 2987-2991
Wear Rate Investigation of Aluminium Based Silicon Carbide Metal Matrix Composite
M. A. Kadu, Prof. M. S. Mhaske
Page No. : 2992-2998
Design and Analysis of an Underground Conveyor Using Composite Materials
Shrikant Hinge, Nitin Ambhore
Page No. : 3005-3010
Design and Analysis of Compliant Mechanical Amplifier
Vijay Patil, P. R. Anerao, S. S. Chinchanikar
Page No. : 3011-3015
Design and Analysis of Composite Leaf Spring for Prescribed Stiffness
S. B. Patil, Dr. R. J. Patil
Page No. : 3016-3021
Design and Analysis of Gear Box Test Bench to Test Shift Performance and Leakage
S.S. Khodwe, U.S. Cherekar, S.S. Prabhune
Page No. : 3022-3029
Design And Analysis of Sandwich Structure For Light Weight Application
V. R. Gaike, G. B. Pokale
Page No. : 3030-3033
Design and Analysis of System Components of Alternative Fixed Pitch CVT Cone
S. A. Kale, N. S. Biradar
Page No. : 3038-3044
Design and Analysis of Two Stage Compliant Displacement Amplifier
S. B. Hebli, S. P. Deshmukh, K. C. More
Page No. : 3045-3051
Design and Analysis of Two Stage Compliant Displacement Amplifier
S. B. Hebli, S. P. Deshmukh, K. C. More
Page No. : 3045-3051
Design and Analysis Overload Torque Limiter with Electro-mechanical Clutch for Timer Belt Spindle Drive
Chaitanya G. Burande, Prof. S. V. Patil
Page No. : 3052-3057
Design and Development of an Articulated Hinge for Double Ovens
A.B. Dixit, T. S. Jadhav, C. S. Pathak
Page No. : 3063-3067
Design and Development of Coconut Dehusking Machine for Marginal Farmers and Small Scale Coir Industry
Rahul Sabale, Dr. K. P. Kolhe
Page No. : 3068-3076
Design and Development of Dual Mass Flywheel for Improving Energy Storage Capability
D. G. Dighole, Prof. R.S. Shelke
Page No. : 3077-3083
Design and Development of Handle Bar Switch Assembly (RH) for High Torque Loading Condition
Mr.Vishal G. Zanjurne, Prof.S.R.Patil, Mr.J.K.Saini
Page No. : 3084-3090
Design and Development of Stepper Motor Based XY Scanning Stage
V.V. Suryawanshi, P.M. Sonawane, S. P. Deshmukh
Page No. : 4000-4004
Design and Development of Warehouse Spraying System
Shrikant B. Girigosavi, Sandeep K. Kourav, Vishnu B. Ghagare
Page No. : 4005-4011
Design and Experimental Analysis of Aluminium Alloy Weld Joint by Using P-GMAW Process
Mr. Argade R.R., Prof. Mankar S.H.
Page No. : 4012-4016
Design and Strengthening of Limb with Numerical Analysis Using Glass Fibre Reinforced Material
Nilesh Suryawanshi
Page No. : 4017-4021
Design and validation of windscreen wiper arm for suitable composite material
Akkalkote R S, Gajjal S Y
Page No. : 4022-4026
Design Development Analysis of Compact Self-Locking Lifting Device by Application of Twin Worm Arrangement
A. A. Pandharabale, Asst. Prof. A. J. Rajguru
Page No. : 4027-4033
Design Development and Analysis of Dual Mode Bicycle
Jyoti A. Durgude, Mr. Gawade S.R.
Page No. : 4034-4042
Design Development and analysis of portable waist belt mounted flexible shaft multi-function power tool
Mr. Nitin B. Surwase, Mr. Akash R. Suryavanshi
Page No. : 4043-4050
Design of Patient Transfer Mechanism
Bakul S. Shinde, Dr.Milind. S. Rohokale
Page No. : 4063-4067
Design, Develop and Analysis of Effortless Pressure Regulator Considering Pressure Vessel Aspect
M. B. Chopade, S.N. Khan
Page No. : 4068-4074
Design, Development & Analysis Of Variable Displacement Pump By Application Of Linkage Motion Adjuster
Neelam M. Kamthe, M. M. Bhoomkar
Page No. : 4075-4080
Design, Development and Analysis of Schatz Mechanism with 3-D Motion Mixer
K.L.Bhoite , G.M.Kakandikar
Page No. : 4090-4094
Design, Development and analysis of spatial kinematic linkage for dough kneading mechanism
Supriya B. Jagatap, A. R. Suryavanshi
Page No. : 4095-4098
Design, Development and analysis of twin motor planetary gear drive for dual speed and safety optimization in hoist application
Devshri S. Ashtikar, Prof. K.M. Narkar
Page No. : 4099-4101
Design, Development and Comparative Analysis of Passive & Active Fluid Damper for Wood Router to Reduce Hand-Arm Vibration
Mr. Sonal R. Sawant, Mr. Chandrakant R.Sonawane
Page No. : 4102-4108
Design, Development and Experimental Investigation of Volumetric Air Receiver
S.N.Tupe, P.M. Gadhe
Page No. : 4109-4113
Development of Compact Chassis Dynamometer System for Two Wheeler Vehicle
K.A. Tapre, K.M.Narkar
Page No. : 4114-4118
Design of a Differential Drive Mobile Robot Platform for use in Constrained Environments
A.V. Chavan, Dr. J. L. Minase
Page No. : 4119-4124
Enhancing performance of refrigeration system using nanoparticles
Mr.Gajanan Chaudhari, Prof.P.T.Kharat
Page No. : 4125-4129
Design, development and analysis of helical spring –multi mass flywheel system
Gore N.V. , Kamble L.V.
Page No. : 4135-4139
Pyro-MEMS Based Safe, Arm and Fire (SAF) Device: A Review
Abhijit Kolhe, Virendra Kumar, Dhananjay Panchagade
Page No. : 4140-4143
Design and Development of Coconut Rancidity testing Machine
S.P.Chaudhari, V.V.Shinde
Page No. : 4144-4148
Design, Analysis of Varying Cross Sectional Beam with Trapezoidal Web for Gantry Crane
Kavita R. Kapadni, Mr. S. G. Ganiger,
Page No. : 4161-4168
Damage Detection in Frame Structure Using Frequency Response Measurements
Chetan S. Patil, Sajal Roy, K. R. Jagtap
Page No. : 4182-4185
Design and Optimization of Disc Brake Master Cylinder Piston by Using Various Materials
Sourabh Dhole, S. Y. Gajjal
Page No. : 4199-4200
Design and Optimization of Saddle For Horizontal Pressure Vessel
Mr. Amarnath Y. Zore, Prof. Mudassar G. Qaimi
Page No. : 4201-4204
Design and Optimization of Pressure Vessel
J.Ahmad, A.K.Pathak
Page No. : 4205-4210
Design and optimization trough weight reduction of spiral bevel gear for wood working machinery
N.P.Deokar, Prof.N.D.Padwale
Page No. : 4211-4215
Design And Thermal Analysis Of LED Lamp Cooling By Using Optimization Of Fins
Nilima A. Bachchuwar, Kumar D. Sapate
Page No. : 4216-4219
Design and Optimization of Upper and Lower Rail for Automotive Seat Track Mechanism
Mangesh P. Sonawane, S.K.Bhor
Page No. : 4220-4223
Design Improvement for Realistic Applications by Topology and Shape Optimization Technique
P.K. Basker Balaji, Yashwant U. Chapke
Page No. : 4224-4232
Design of optimum cross section for EOT Crane Girder
Mrs. L Gayatrimani B, Prof.A.D.Lagad
Page No. : 4233-4237
Design Optimisation of Four Wheel Drive Tractor Front Axle Housing to Address Field Failure
Shivaji Nilakanth, Milind Ramgir
Page No. : 4238-4244
Design Optimization & Numerical Evaluation of Parametric Variation on Thermal Energy Storage (tes) Systems in Domestic Hot Water Application
Shital T.Bhoite
Page No. : 4245-4251
Design Optimization and Parametric Variation on Receiver of Scheffler Solar Concentrator
Rahul A.Patil, Prof.(Mrs.)A.A.Nene
Page No. : 4252-4258
Design optimization of an air cooled Internal combustion engine fin using CFD
Prachi S. Giri, P.T. Nitnaware, M.R. Jagdale
Page No. : 4259-4262
Design Optimization of Integrated Steering Knuckle
Pooja Chavan, Dr. D.N. Kamble
Page No. : 4263-4267
Design Optimization of Two Wheeler (Bike) Chassis
Prakash Katdare, S.C.Shilwant
Page No. : 4273-4277
Design, Analysis & Reliability study of Hydro-pneumatic suspension system
J. M. Jadhav, P. K. Chattopadhyaya, S. K. Parida, R.R. Ghadge
Page No. : 4278-4283
Design, Analysis &Optimization of Disk Brake
Mr. P. N. Gunjal, Prof. Hredeya Mishra
Page No. : 4284-4290
Design, Optimization of cutting parameters for EN8 using TAGUCHI Method
Salve Yogesh Shantaram
Page No. : 4291-4297
Design, Structural Analysis and Optimization of Crane Hook
Prashant R. Mali, Dr.K.K.Dhande
Page No. : 4298-4302
Experimental optimisation of vertical pump intake structure hydraulic parameters
P.D. Shinde, S.Y. Bhosale
Page No. : 4303-4308
Modelling, Simulation and Optimization of deep-drawn Cup-Cone Assembly
Vishal S Pund
Page No. : 4309-4313
Optimisation of Dental Implant
S.P.Gosavi, Prof.P.N.Dhatrak, Prof.K.M.Narkar
Page No. : 4319-4323
Optimisation of shafts through vibration analysis
Mr.Saad Shaikh, Prof.Ulhas Malwade
Page No. : 4324-4331
Optimization and Analysis of Disc Brake Rotor to Supress Squeal
Abhishek A. Khaire, Prof. Milind K. Wasekar
Page No. : 4332-4336
Optimization for Residual Stresses in a Cast Part
C.Sarkar, Dr. A. A. Keste
Page No. : 4337-4343
Optimization of a Crankshaft in Crank- Pin Web Fillet Region for Improving Fatigue Life
Mr. Mathapati N. C., Dr. Dhamejani C. L.
Page No. : 4344-4348
Optimization of car roof structure as per FMVSS-216 by using FEA Method
Mr. Pravin Parit, Prof. (Dr) Bharat Shinde
Page No. : 4353-4357
Parameter Optimization of Composite Leaf Spring Using TLBO Algorithm
R. S. Sayare, Prof. A. G. Kamble
Page No. : 4358-4364
Structural Analysis and Design Optimization for Handle Bar Assembly of Motor-cycle
Mr.Chandrakant S. Khemkar, Prof. Ganesh A. Kadam
Page No. : 4371-4376
A Review on Design Development & Analysis Of Passive And Active Damper In Hand Held Wood Working Machine
Shinde Amit Shivaji, Dr. Zope Sanjay Bhaskar
Page No. : 4377-4381
A Review on Design of leaf Spring Rear Suspension for Rear Mounted Engine
Hase Ania Vitthal, Prof. Zope Sanjay Bhaskar
Page No. : 4382-4388
A Review on Development of Design methodology of variable displacement oil pump for I.C. Engines
Ambika K. Deshpande, Mukesh V. Khot
Page No. : 4389-4393
Analysis and Comparison of helical springs used in tractor seat application
VikramVakte , L S Dhamande
Page No. : 4400-4403
Analysis and Optimization of Centrifugal Casting Machine Shaft
S.P.Kadam, A.V. Bhosale, G.D.Despande
Page No. : 4404-4408
Analysis Of Bolt Pattern And Its Significance On Strength Characteristics Of Support
A.M.Sanas, Prof. N.V.Lakal
Page No. : 4409-4414
Analysis of Double Shaft Paddle Mixing Machine shaft
Mr.Sukhadip Chougule, Mr.K.M.Narkar
Page No. : 4415-4417
Analysis of Drive Shaft of Packaging Machine
P. H. Gaikwad, D. S. Watvisave
Page No. : 4418-4422
Analytical Method To Calculate Tooth Pin Failure Of Bucket Tooth Of Excavator In Shearing And Bending
Mr.Bhushan Ghodake, Prof.Sunil More
Page No. : 4423-4425
Automotive seating based on Human factors and Ergonomics
P.C.Bidkar, B.M.Shinde
Page No. : 4426-4431
Concept Design & Validation of Digger cum Winch attachment for Skid Steer Single Arm Product
Mr. Pavan Shirode, Mr. Sachin Kharat, Mr. S. K. Bhoite
Page No. : 4432-4436
Continuous Electrode-Ionisation Unit for Production of 50LPH Ultra Pure Water
Anil D.Kate, V.N.Raibhole, G.R.Desale
Page No. : 4437-4439
Crack Evaluation Of Automotive Composite Mono Leaf Spring
Sudhakararao pedada
Page No. : 4440-4444
Design & Analysis of Puller Cum Pusher with Two Drives for 25 ton Pulling Capacity
Pradip.S.Langhe, Dr.R.S.Bindu
Page No. : 4445-4449
Design & Analysis of Composite Mono Leaf Spring
Yogesh Patil, Prof.F.B.Sayyad
Page No. : 4450-4455
Design & Analysis Of Composite Roller of Roller Conveyor System
Mr.Milind Landage , Prof.K.M.Narkar
Page No. : 4456-4458
Design & Analysis of Multi Mass Spring flywheel
M.A. Bhoite, S.R. Gawade
Page No. : 4459-4467
Design & Analysis of Multi Steel Leaf Spring
Suraj B. Pawar, Rohit R. Ghadge
Page No. : 4468-4474
Design & Analysis of Varying Cross Sectional Cantilever Beam with Trapezoidal Web for Jib Cranes
Amit S. Chaudhary, Subim N. Khan
Page No. : 4475-4480
Design & experimentation of loader Shovel tooth by using various materials
R.S.Gaikwad, V.B.Ghagare
Page No. : 4481-4484
Design Analysis of Crankshaft by Equivalent Beam Method
Mahendra Dhere, Sanjay Bhaskar Zope
Page No. : 4485-4488
Design and Analysis of Active Electrohydraulic Thruster Brake for Application of Lifting Machine
Ankush A. Shirbhate, Miss. Sharayu U. Ratnaparkhi
Page No. : 4489-4493
Design and Analysis of an Exhaust Manifold Subjected to Thermo- Mechanical Loading
A.U. Kurbet , #2S.Dubey, A.R. Kumar, S. Razdan
Page No. : 4494-4503
Design and Analysis of an Underground Conveyor Using Composite Materials
Shrikant Hinge, Nitin Ambhore
Page No. : 4504-4508
Design And Analysis Of Automotive Seat Recliner Mechanism
Ravindra M. Thamake, Prashant M. Patil
Page No. : 4509-4513
Design and Analysis of Belt Conveyor Roller Shaft
Harshavardhan A. Kadam, Nilesh S. Hyalij
Page No. : 4514-4519
Design and Analysis of Composite Propeller Shaft for Automotive Application
Dattatray S. Ghorpade, Kishor B. Kale
Page No. : 4534-4540
Design and Analysis of Gear Box Test Bench to Test Shift Performance and Leakage
S.S. Khodwe, U.S. Cherekar, S.S. Prabhune
Page No. : 4541-4548
Design and Analysis of Gearbox for Tractor Transmission System
Rahul Mokal, R.V. Mulik, S.B. Sanap
Page No. : 4549-4553
Design and Analysis of round Flange for Pressure Vessel Application to Comply with ASME Code
Y.P. Shah, R.R. Joshi, M.N. Pradhan
Page No. : 4558-4567
Design and Analysis of Plastic Fuel Tank for Three Wheeler CNG Passenger Vehicle
H.V.Chavan, Prof. S.R.Gawade
Page No. : 4568-4574
Design And Analysis Of Pressure Vessel
Miss. Umbarkar Bhagyashri B, Mr. Hredeya Mishra
Page No. : 4575-4578
Design and analysis of roller conveyor and fixture
Suhas chougale, Dr.S P Deshmukh, Suraj Kharche
Page No. : 4579-4584
Design and Analysis of Roller Machine Spur Gear to Overcome Gear Stucking and Scuffing
Patil Amol Shivaji, Prof. Dr. S. B. Zope
Page No. : 4585-4589
Design And Analysis Of Secondary Up setter Die To Correct Under filling Problem For Forged Front Axle Beam
A. H. Mane
Page No. : 4590-4593
Design and Analysis of Solar Food Cutter with Shaft Mounted Speed Reducer for Agricultural Field Application
Nikhil S. Raut, Miss. Ashwin Mahindrakar
Page No. : 4594-4598
Design and Analysis of Structural Frame Based on Design Codes for Subsea Applications
Ajinkya Kulkarni, RatnakarGhorpade
Page No. : 4599-4610
Design and Development of Combined Direct and Indirect Evaporative Cooling System
Pallavi B. Bedre, H.U.Tiwari
Page No. : 4611-4615
Design and Development of Stepless Variable Speed Kinematic Linkage Drive
Avinash A. Kawale, Dr. F.B.Sayyad
Page No. : 4616-4620
Design Optimisation of CNC Special Purpose Machine Bed
Manoj Udhane, Mr.L.G.Navale
Page No. : 4621-4626
A Review on Modelling and Analysis of Scooter Wheel Rim Using CATIA & ANSYS
H.N. Kale, Dr. C.L. Dhamejani
Page No. : 4627-4631
Cad Modeling Strategy For Complex Engineering Objects By Reverse Engineering Approach
Y.P.Jadhav, V. N. Chougule
Page No. : 4632-4635
Crash Analysis By Cad/Cam Tools
Vidyasagar.S.Gavali, Dipak.K.Dond
Page No. : 4636-4641
Design and Analysis of Damper Systems for Circuit Breaker
Bhavya Ramakrishnan, Pramod Yadav, Dhananjay R. Panchagade
Page No. : 4642-4646
Design of Highly Efficient Energy Absorber in Side Impact Crash
A.G.Patil , R.V.Patil
Page No. : 4647-4652
Forming Process Parameter Optimization through CAE & Experimentation to Reduce Development cycle time of Solar Panel
Anand R.Jawade, Ganesh B.Pokale, Swapnil S.Kulkarni
Page No. : 4653-4657
Injury Prediction Using Vehicle Accident Reconstruction and CAE Tools
M.G.Vhanaje, S.R.Deshpande, C.S.Pathak
Page No. : 4658-4662
Numerical Simulation of Gurney Flap On RAE-2822 Airfoil
Gangaram B. Eakmbe, Mukesh V. Khot
Page No. : 4663-4670
Static Aeroelasticity Analysis of Spinning Missile
Surendra D.Barewar, S.B.Barve, Sanjay Kumar
Page No. : 4671-4675
Study Of Air Flow Over the Truck Using Open Foam
N.A.Nawale, Dr. S.L.Borse
Page No. : 4676-4681
Development of Oil Mist Separator System for Two Cylinder Diesel Engine
Sachin S. Wetal, Sachin V. Mutalikdesai
Page No. : 4682-4686
Effect of hydrogen induction on performance emission & combustion of i.c engine
J.V.Khalate, K.D.Sapate
Page No. : 4693-4697
Effect of toroidal shaped combustion chamber & nozzle geometry on the performance and emission characteristics of Diesel Engine using Rice Bran Oil as biodiesel
Jayshri S. Patil, Vivekanad Navadagi, Abhjit Dandavte
Page No. : 4698-4703
Emissions and Performance Evaluation of DI CI - VCR Engine Fuelled with Honne oil Methyl Ester / Diesel Blends
S V Channapattana, Kantharaj C, V S Shinde, Abhay A Pawar, Prashant G Kamble
Page No. : 4704-4708
Experimental Determination of Performance Characteristics and Emissions of CI Engine using mixture of Vegetable oils blended with Diesel
Mr. Chinmay C. Dube, Prof. S. V. Channapattana,
Page No. : 4709-4717
Experimental Investigation of Heat Transfer Properties and Viscosity of CNT Based Nanofluid in Low Temperature Conditions
Siddhant Kailash Kolase, Vaibhav N. Deshmukh, S Radhakrishnan
Page No. : 4718-4725
Experimental Investigation Of Performance And Emission Characteristics Of Ci Engine Using Graphene Nanoparticles As An Additive In Biodiesel
Vishwajit A. Bhagwat, Vivekanad Navadagi, Abhijit Dandavate
Page No. : 4726-4732
Experimental Investigation of Performance and Emission Characteristics of Calophyllum Inophyllum Oil Biodiesel on VCR-Diesel Engine
Nilima Baliram Gadge, Dr. Abhay A. Pawar
Page No. : 4733-4740
Experimental Investigation Of Undi Oil Methyl Ester And Diesel Blends As A Fuel In Vcr Diesel Engine And Development Of Emission Models
Harshad.T.Magar, Shylesha Channapattana, Dr. Abhay Pawar
Page No. : 4741-4745
Experimental Investigation on Effects of Magnetic Field on Hydrocarbon Fuels in I.C. Engine
Harshal Babar, Dr.S.P. Deshmukh, Dr. V.K.Bhojwani, Prof. P J Tipole
Page No. : 4746-4749
Experimental investigation on the effect of hydrogen blending on performance and emssion of four stroke single cylinder spark ignition engine
Sachin Jadhav, Prof. S B Sanap
Page No. : 4750-4755
Experimental Study of liquid fuel spray characteristics and atomization
N.G. Metange, U.G.Potdar , Sudarshan Kumar
Page No. : 4756-4760
Experimental Study on Diesel Engine Performance Using Undi Oil Biodiesel and Its Blends
S. A. Ransing, M.H. Attal
Page No. : 4761-4765
Feasibility of Duel Fuel (LPG-Biogas) Engine to Optimize the Performance of SI Engine
Sagar Pajankar, Prof. V.R. Patil
Page No. : 4766-4769
Improving Engine Performance through Better Distribution of EGR Gases
Anurag, S.R.Patil
Page No. : 4770-4774
Investigation of Emission & Performance Characteristics of waste cooking oil from diesel engine using Exhaust Gas Recirculation
M.P. Kumbhare, M. J. Sable
Page No. : 4775-4779
Investigation of Performance and Emission of C.I. Engine Using Palm Oil Methyl Ester as Fuel and Emission reduction Using EGR
Sandip Awaghade, S.R. Patil
Page No. : 4780-4783
Performance of SI Engine with the Influence of Different Compression Ratios on the CNG- Fuelled Internal Combustion
Tushar Vithalkar, Prof. D. Y. Dhande
Page No. : 4788-4792
Performance, Emission analysis of diesel engine by mixing of two biodiesels blended with diesel as alternative fuel
S.V. Katkur , A. A. Pawar
Page No. : 4793-4798
Spark advance angle measurement for the ignition system of automotives
A. B. Kale, V. R. Patil
Page No. : 4799-4802
Study of performance of algae oil in diesel engine
Ganesh M. Nagane, Chandrakishor S. Choudhari
Page No. : 4803-4808
A Generalized Correlation for Pressure Drop of Refrigerant R-134a through Helical Capillary Tubes
N. Dhekale, Dr. P. A. Patil
Page No. : 4809-4813
Design and Development of Vapour Absorption Refrigeration System based on working cycle of Vapour Adsorption Refrigeration System
Dhanashree S.Ware, Dr. H.U.Tiwari
Page No. : 4814-4817
Development of the simulation technique for performance estimation of domestic refrigerator
Satish B.Girhe, Anil Kute, K.V.Mali
Page No. : 4818-4824
Dynamic Analysis of Air Conditioner Compressor Mounting Bracket
Vyankatesh D. Pawade, Pushkaraj D. Sonawane
Page No. : 4825-4829
Evaluating geometry of evaporator for refrigerator enhancing efficiency of heat transfer
V.U.Elavande, J.H.Bhangale
Page No. : 4830-4837
Evaluation for Replacement of R22 as R161 in the Vapour Compression Cycle through Aspen Plus Software
A. N. Korshetti, Dr. V. N. Raibhole
Page No. : 4838-4842
Experimental Evaluation of a Vapour Compression Cycle Performance using R134a, R22, R407C, R404A as Working Refrigerants
C.J.Waghmode, Dr. P. A. Patil
Page No. : 4843-4847
Experimental Investigation On Thermo- Acoustic Refrigerator
Page No. : 4848-4855
Experimental Investigation Of Cop Improvement In Coventional Vapor Compression Cycle Air Conditioner By Application Of Thermoelectric Cooler And Ground Coupled Heat Pipe System
Rahul S. Deshmukh, Vijay Bhatkar, M. R. Jagadale
Page No. : 4856-4860
Experimental Performance Evaluation Of Vapour Compression Refrigeration System using R134a and R152a Refrigerants, A review
Shivprasad S. Surve, V.W.Bhatkar, M.R.Dange
Page No. : 4861-4865
Improvement Of C.O.P. Of Solar Vapour Absorption Refrigeration System
Sanjay Ingle, Prof. V. P. Navadagi
Page No. : 4866-4872
Investigation and Optimization of Air Cooled Condenser of Chillers by Replacing Cu to Al Tubes
A.M.Chavan, S.R.Deodas
Page No. : 4873-4877
Numerical Simulation and Analysis of HVAC Duct
Mr. Shivanand Doddaganiger, Dr. Narendra Deore
Page No. : 4878-4880
Performance Analysis Of Compact Heat Exchanger
C N Jadhav
Page No. : 4881-4888
Performance Study of Geotropic Blends of Isobutane R600a and Propane R290 in Domestic Refrigerator as Alternative Refrigerants to R134a
Shrikant Dhavale , Manish Deshmukh
Page No. : 4889-4893
Run Vapour Absorption Machine (Vam) Using Waste Heat In Paint Shop
Mr. Chandrakant Balaji Phad, Dr. V. B. Jaware
Page No. : 4894-4897
Tec Air Conditioning
D. K. Chavhan, Prof.S.D. Mahajan
Page No. : 4898-4901
Thermodynamic Analysis of Desiccant Assisted Hybrid Air Conditioning System
Kshama K. Kulkarni, Vivek S. Shinde
Page No. : 4902-4905
Waste Heat Recovery of 80 CC Petrol Engine for Refrigeration with VAC System
Y.D.Tambe, N.C.Ghuge
Page No. : 4906-4909
Waste Heat Recovery of Internal Combustion Engine Using Vapour Absorption System
Ketan R Bhore., Prof. Sharad K. Bhosale, Prof. Abhimanyu K.Chandgude
Page No. : 4910-4914
An Experimental Study on Effect of Mechanical Properties of Aluminium Composite Reinforced With Silicon Carbide
Sachin Dombale, Gaikwad M.U
Page No. : 4915-4919
Analysis of Flexural Properties of Carbon Fiber Reinforced / E-Poxy Composite Material
Kishor Shingare, Dr. S.M. Shendokar, Prof. P.V. Deshmukh, Prof. S.S. Chavan
Page No. : 4920-4924
Application of Mold Flow Analysis in Metal to Plastics Replacement in Automotive Industry by using Thermostat Cover
A.J.Kadam, D. N. Korade
Page No. : 4925-4929
Design And Analysis Of Helical Spring With Combination Of Conventional And Composite Materials
Mr Ganesh Jadhav, Prof: Vipin Gawande
Page No. : 4930-4934
Design and Analysis of Mono- Composite Leaf Spring
Ajitkumar G. Nimbalkar, S. P. Deshmukh
Page No. : 4942-4946
Development of Non-asbestos Composite Material for Disc Brake Pad
T.V.Gujrathi, Dr.A.V.Damale
Page No. : 4947-4951
Experimental and Computer Aided Study of Anisotropic Behavior of Material to Reduce the Metal Forming Defects
Tausif N. Momin, Vishal B.Bhagwat
Page No. : 4952-4956
Experimental study on friction stir welding of aluminum alloys (aa6063)
Mr. S.R. Bhosale, Prof. M. K. Wasekar
Page No. : 4957-4960
Fabrication and Characterization of Discontinuous Type Metal Matrix Composites
Tushar B. Bhosale, T. B. Sonawane
Page No. : 4961-4964
Influence of process parameters on friction stir welded AA 6082 aluminium alloy butt joint
S.U.Turakane, L.S.Dhamande
Page No. : 4965-4969
Some Investigations on Friction & Wear Properties of Different Steel Materials
Mr. Rajesh S. Godse , Dr. S.H.Gawande
Page No. : 4980-4984
Analysis of Server Rack under Seismic Vibration
Jape Vaibhav G., Prof. Bhamre V.G.
Page No. : 4985-4992
Design and Development of an Articulated Hinge for Double Ovens
A.B. Dixit, T. S. Jadhav, C. S. Pathak
Page No. : 4999-5003
Design, Analysis &Optimization of Disk Brake
Mr. P. N. Gunjal, Prof. Hredeya Mishra
Page No. : 5010-5016
Design, Analysis and Weight Optimization of rotary table pallet
Vikram Avhad, N.S Biradar, B.Anantharama
Page No. : 5017-5023
Design, Development of Dual Mass Flywheel and Comparative Testing with Conventional Flywheel
N. N. Suryawanshi, Prof. D. P. Bhaskar
Page No. : 5024-5028
Effect of Vibration on the Health of Driver of Three Wheeler Using ISO 2631
Rajratna M. Kharat, Dr.K.K.Dhande
Page No. : 5029-5033
Fuzzy based prediction of angular distortion of gas metal arc welded structural steel plates
M.S.Lohate, A.V.Damale
Page No. : 5043-5051
Study of partical damper to supress vibration of beam structure
Prof.S R Gawade, K.D Tambe
Page No. : 5057-5061
Suppression of Machine Tool Vibration Using Passive Damping
Nitasha B. Chaudhari , R.N.Yerrawar
Page No. : 5062-5070
Theoretical and Experimental Analysis of Particle Damped Boring Bar
A.V.Phanse, T.A.Jadhav
Page No. : 5071-5076
Design Development Testing and analysis of resonator baffle and rubber bladder type hydraulic silencer and study effect of variation in charging pressure on noise and vibration reduction ability
D.A.Deshpande, DR. R.S.Jahagirdar
Page No. : 5077-5080
Experimental Vibration Analysis of Brake Rotor of a Bike
Mr. Akshay A. Pophale , Prof.R.A.Marne
Page No. : 5081-5083
Identification and Determination of Cracks in Beams Using Vibration Analysis and FEA Approach
V. P. Bhaurkar, A. G. Thakur, L. S. Dhamande
Page No. : 5084-5088
Modeling of 17-DOF Tractor Semi-Trailer Vehicle
S. B. Walhekar, D. H. Burande
Page No. : 5089-5093
Optimization of shafts through vibration analysis
Mr.Saad Shaikh , Prof.Ulhas Malwade
Page No. : 5094-5098
Optimization of Suspension System for Whole Body Vibration
R.V. Rajale, R.R.Navthar, M.P.Nagarkar
Page No. : 5099-5103
Power generation with the help of suspension system (energy harvesting shock absorber)
G. P. Dhalwar, T. A. Jadhav
Page No. : 5104-5107
Predicting Vibration Performance of Collecting plates of Electrostatic Precipitators
Vishal P. Atole, D. N. Koarde
Page No. : 5108-5111
Prediction and Control of Lathe Machine Tool vibration
B.P.Kolhe, Prof.S.P.Rahane
Page No. : 5112-5116
Reduction of vibration response and noise of oil pan using constrained layer damping
Sachin kumar B. Madake, Prof. Pravin P. Hujare
Page No. : 5117-5119
Structure-borne Vibration Analysis of Acoustic Enclosure of Compressor
Onkar Madhekar
Page No. : 5120-5124
Study & Analysis of A Cantilever Beam with Non-linear Parameters for Harmonic Response
Supriya D. Sankapal, Arun V. Bhosale
Page No. : 5125-5129
Study of partical damper to supress vibration of beam structure
Prof.S R Gawade, K.D Tambe,
Page No. : 5130-5134
Study on Vibration Analysis of Composite plate
Swapnil S. Chavan, Manoj M. Joshi
Page No. : 5135-5139
Suppression of Machine Tool Vibration Using Passive Damping
Nitasha B. Chaudhari , R.N.Yerrawar
Page No. : 5140-5148
Suppression of squeal frequency in disc brake assembly
S.B. Indurkar ,Prof.S.V. Bhaskar
Page No. : 5149-5153
Theoretical and Experimental Analysis of Particle Damped Boring Bar
A.V.Phanse, T.A.Jadhav
Page No. : 5154-5159
Vibration Analysis & Effect of Dynamic Impact Loading On Cracked Beam
Bhagyashri S.Darkunde, A. B. Gaikwad
Page No. : 5160-5165
Vibration Analysis and Effect of Impact Loading on Cantilever Beam
Mr. Raviraj S. Bhosale, Mr. Satish M. Margutti, Mr. ShrinivasV.Shelge
Page No. : 5166-5174
Vibration analysis and reduction in vibrations of steering wheel of an agricultural tractor
Mr Pradip B. Sontakke, Mr N. Vivekanandan
Page No. : 5175-5180
Vibration Analysis of an Automotive Silencer for Reduced Incidence of Failure Due to the Phenomenon
Mr. Ashish Nikhade, Prof. Mrs. Sunita Phadkule
Page No. : 5181-5183
Vibration Analysis of Cantilever Beam with Damped Dynamic Vibration Absorber with Adjustable Stiffness with Nonlinear Parameters
Tushar S. Patil, Arun V. Bhosale
Page No. : 5184-5191
Vibration Analysis of Defective Rolling Contact Bearings
Sharad U. Jagtap, Kashinath H. Munde, Ganesh E. Kondhalkar
Page No. : 5192-5196
Vibration Analysis of Diesel Engine with Three Speed, Four Speed Gearbox and Condition Monitoring
Mr. S.V.Dawange , Prof.V.L.Kadlag
Page No. : 5197-5205
Vibration analysis of existing design of two wheeler silencer by experimental modal analysis and fem analysis
Tushar Awari, Dr. S. Y. Gajjal
Page No. : 5206-5210
Vibration Analysis of Hybrid Composite Leaf Spring
Mr.Shivaji B. Jadhav, Prof. Mr.V.H.Waghmare,
Page No. : 5211-5216
Vibration Analysis of Misaligned Shafts
Sachin D Rahinj, Pawankumar R Sonawane
Page No. : 5217-5222
Vibration Analysis of Particle Damping
A.A Shinde, Prof. H.P.Borate
Page No. : 5223-5227
Vibration Analysis of Piezo-laminated Aluminium and Carbon Epoxy Fiber Cantilever Smart Beam
Mr.D. H. Wagh, Dr. B. M. Shinde
Page No. : 5228-5232
Vibration Analysis of Plates with Spot Welded Stiffeners
Mr. Ganesh A. Sankpal, Mr. Gaurav P. Deshmukh
Page No. : 5233-5238
Vibration analysis of Two Wheeler Gearbox Casing
Sagar P. Walhekar, Rajendra R. Kharde
Page No. : 5239-5244
Vibration analysis of welded joints in aluminium structure and its consequences on damping of structure
A.M. Landge, M. S. Mhaske
Page No. : 5245-5253
Vibration attenuation of boring bar using passive damping techniques
Pooja J. Waghmare, Prof. R. V. Patil, Prof. G. S. Waghmare
Page No. : 5254-5257
Vibration measurement and noise control in planetary gear train
A.R.Mokate, R.R.Navthar
Page No. : 5258-5262
Vibration Measurement of Ball Valve at Various Ball Throat Opening Conditions
Jaydeep L kale, A. R. Suryavanshi
Page No. : 5263-5267
Vibration mitigation of grinding process using grey relational analysis approach
S.B.Shinde, Prof. P.N. Deshmukh
Page No. : 5268-5271
Vibration Reduction in Concrete Breaker for Safety of an Operator
Mr. S.J. Chincholkar, Mr. L.V. Awadhani
Page No. : 5272-5277
Vibration Suppression of Boring Tool Using Two-Cell Particle Damper
Wesam Dawood.Salman, T.A.Jadhav
Page No. : 5278-5283
Experimental investigation of vertical stepped fin arrays under natural convection
Anurag B. Suke, Santosh G. Taji, N.K.Sane
Page No. : 5284-5289
Experimental Investigation of Heat Transfer Enhancement by Vortex Generators in Heat Exchanger
Sagar S. Galgat, N. P. Jadhav
Page No. : 5290-5294
Experimental Investigation of Heat Transfer Enhancement by Winglet Type Vortex Generator in Compact Plain Fin Tube Heat Exchanger
Mrunal Vishwanath Mulay ,Shashank S. Chaudhari
Page No. : 5295-5300
Experimental investigation of heat transfer from heated vertical rectangular and tapered fin array under natural convection
Sachin Birajdar, Santosh Taji, N. K. Sane
Page No. : 5301-5308
Experimental Investigation of Performance of Pipe in Pipe Helically Coil Heat Exchanger
Ritesh Kumar, Kamal Kishor Ghosh, Dr. Manish Sheshras Deshmukh
Page No. : 5309-5313
Experimental Investigation of Thermal Performance of Cylindrical Heat Pipe Using Iron Oxide Nanofluid
S. B. Ghalme, S. V. Dingare
Page No. : 5314-5320
Experimental Investigation on Enhancement of Heat Transfer Using Spiral Tapes
Ramesh Swami, M. G. Bhong, H. V. Darokar
Page No. : 5321-5326
Experimental Investigation on Thermal Performance of Cooling System Using Thermoelectric Module Integrated with Heat Pipe
Nitish Shukla, Balaji.D.Nelge
Page No. : 5327-5330
Experimental Investigations On Heat Transfer And Frictional Characteristics Of A Turbulator Roughened Flat Plate
Sunil K. Pardeshi, Sandip S. Kore
Page No. : 5331-5336
Experimental studies on heat transfer and friction factor characteristics of Al2O3/water nanofluid equipped with square jagged twisted tape in circular tube
Mr. Sunil S. Khandagale, Prof. V. N. Kapatkar, Prof. P.M. Khanwalkar
Page No. : 5337-5341
Experimental Study of Natural convective flow in Regular Aluminum Open Cell cellular structure
Rahul Singh Poonia, Dr.Mandar M. Lele
Page No. : 5342-5345
Experimental study on vertical perforated plate under naural convection
Shitole A.S., Taji S.G
Page No. : 5346-5348
Experimental Validation for Heat Transfer Enhancement by Using Square Cut Circular Ring Insert
Nikhil P.Talwekar, Dr.P.A.Deshmukh, Prof.O.M.Kshirsagar
Page No. : 5349-5355
Experimentation and Performance Evaluation of Heat Exchanger Using Z-Ribs
Mr.B.J.Patil, Prof.Lalit S.Pawar, Prof.J.S.Bali
Page No. : 5356-5360
Fluid flow and heat transfer investigation of perforated heat sink under mixed convection
Mr. Shardul R Kulkarni , Prof.S.Y.Bhosale
Page No. : 5361-5365
Forced Convection Heat Transfer over a Plate through Multi Nozzle
R. N. Todkar, S. N. Havaldar ,R. J. Yadav
Page No. : 5366-5369
Heat Transfer Analysis Using Swirl Jet Impingement
Sagar U.Chirade, Sunil B.Ingole
Page No. : 5370-5373
Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop Characteristics in Laminar and Turbulent Flow in a Circular Duct Fitted with Peripherally Perforated Twisted Tapes
Manoj Hajare, N.C.Ghuge, D.D.Palande
Page No. : 5374-5379
Heat Transfer Augmentation Using V-Shaped Fins in Solar Absorber Plate
Shyam Kumar, Prof. Balaji Nelge, Prof. Mahesh Bhong
Page No. : 5380-5387
Heat Transfer Enhancement Analysis of Flow over the Bumps on Divergent Channel
S.A.More, D.B.Shelke
Page No. : 5388-5392
Heat transfer enhancement in double pipe heat exchanger with swirling flow using tangential entry
Shekhar S. Babar, Kiran D. Devade
Page No. : 5393-5396
Heat Transfer Enhancement in Plate Heat Exchanger with Non- Conventional Shapes of Rib
Miss. Ashwini Vasant Thakare, Dr. Hole J. A.
Page No. : 5397-5400
Study of Effect of Weld Length Configuration on the Performance of Wheel Disc for Passenger Car
Rohit p. Patil, Prof. K. M. Narkar
Page No. : 5401-5406
The Adaptive Control on Ground Clearance of Vehicle with Variable Speed
Smayantak Hokale, Prof. V. R. Patil
Page No. : 5407-5411
Thermoelectric Power Generation Using Waste-Heat Energy from Internal Combustion Engine
D. T. Kashid, S. H. Barhatte
Page No. : 5412-5418
Optimization of characteristic angles of front mcpherson strut suspension system using multi body dynamics
S.V. Gaikwad, Y.P.Reddy
Page No. : 5427-5429
Optimization of Connecting Rod on the basis of Static & Fatigue Analysis
V.A. Shedge, C. Prof. K. H. Munde, Prof. G.E. Kondhalkar
Page No. : 5430-5434
Optimization of facesheet of sandwich structure against bending
Gongane Akshay H., F.A. Shaikh
Page No. : 5435-5439
Optimization of Fracture in Deep Drawing Process Using Bat-Inspired Algorithm
Trupti Bhoskar, G.M. Kakandikar
Page No. : 5440-5444
Optimization of gear micro geometry for reducing gear whine
K.V. Telang, Dr. J. L. Minase
Page No. : 5451-5458
Optimization of Glass-to-Metal Sealsin Solar Receiver Tubes
Akash Y Khaladkar, Dr S V Kshirsagar
Page No. : 5459-5465
Optimization of Model-based calibration strategy for development of Diesel
Mrudula Singh, H.V.Vankudre, S.Juttu
Page No. : 5466-5470
Optimization of performance parameter for diesel engine to mitigate emission of BS-IV norms
A.S. Aher, M.J. Sable
Page No. : 5471-5477
Heat Transfer Enhancement in Tube in Tube Heat Exchanger with Louvered Strip Inserts
Suraj Kawade, Prof. P.M. Khanwalkar
Page No. : 5483-5487
Heat transfer enhancement of radiator using nanofluid – aluminium oxide
Abhikant V. Bhave, Prof. Sangramsinh S. Ghorpade
Page No. : 5488-5493
Heat Transfer Enhancement with Different Square Jagged Twisted Tapes and CuO/water Nano fluid
Mr. Krishna S. Borate, Prof. P.M. Khanwalkar, Prof. V.N. Kapatkar
Page No. : 5494-5498
Investigation of Heat Transfer Augmentation of Impinging Jet on Flat Plate Using Vortex Generators
Sonali S Nagawade, Prof. S Y Bhosale
Page No. : 5499-5506
Investigation of the effects of orifice shape and angle on the impingement cooling of electronics components
G.N.Parhad, P.I. Jagad.
Page No. : 5507-5513
Investigation of thermal performance in natural convection from rectangular staggered interrupted fins
S.D.Wankhade, S.K.Bhor
Page No. : 5514-5521
Jet Impingement on Ribbed Surfaces
Page No. : 5522-5525
Mesh In Tube Technique for the Tube in Tube Heat Exchanger Performance
Mr. Pankaj Kawade, Dr. S. H. Sarje
Page No. : 5526-5529
Numerical Analysis of Heat Transfer and Flow structure in a rectangular Channel with Delta Wing Vortex Generators
Gaurav V. Tote, Sandeep S. Kore
Page No. : 5530-5533
Performance Analysis for the Double-Pass Solar Air Collector with and Without Porous Media
Dheeraj Kumar, Dr. K V Mali
Page No. : 5541-5545
Performance analysis of compact heat exchanger
C N Jadhav
Page No. : 5546-5551
Performance Analysis of Double Coil Wire Inserts for Heat Transfer in a Circular Tube
Pathan Abdul Hai Khan, S. A. Kale
Page No. : 5552-5556
Performance analysis of solar grape dryer with Thermal Energy Storage by PCM
Mr.S.M.Godase, Dr.R.K.Kulkarni
Page No. : 5557-5562
Performance Enhancement of Air Conditioning System Using Heat Pipes and Dedicated Outside – Air System
Sagar Londhe, Vijay Bhatkar, M R Jagadale
Page No. : 5563-5567
Performance Enhancement of Metal Expansion Bellows for Shell and Tube Type Heat Exchanger
M.M. Bagban, A.A Keste, S. H. Gawande
Page No. : 5568-5576
Performance Evaluation of Cross-flow Heat Exchanger using Plain and Almond Dimple Tubes
S.K.Vyas, Senthil Kumar, A.M.Elgandelwar
Page No. : 5577-5582
Pool Boiling Heat Transfer in Aqueous Solutions of Triton X-100 Surfactant
Paresh M. Wadekar, Rahul D. Bajaj
Page No. : 5583-5588
Prediction of Friction Factor and Heat Transfer Coefficient for A Non-Circular Duct With Twisted Tape
Prathamesh S. Joshi, Rupesh J. Yadav
Page No. : 5589-5594
Quality Improvement in Taper Shank Drills by Optimization of Heat Treatment Process Parameters
S.S.Tajane, V.D.Wakchaure
Page No. : 5595-5599
A Novel Approach to Dynamic Optimization of Automobile Seating System
Sumit E. Badwaik, K. R. Jagtap
Page No. : 5600-5603
Effect of Pretensioning on Cylinder Head Bolt and Cylinder Head Gasket
Samir J. Khureshi, Abhijeet V. Marathe, D.H. Burande
Page No. : 5604-5614
Design and Development of Electrically Operated Semi-active Suspension System
Arvind Kale, C.S.Dharankar
Page No. : 5615-5617
Development and testing of a catalytic converter on single cylinder CNG engine
Rushad N.Kulkarni, Dhande Dinesh Y
Page No. : 5618-5621
Development of Oil Mist Separator System for Two Cylinder Diesel Engine
Sachin S. Wetal, Sachin V. Mutalikdesai
Page No. : 5622-5626
Dynamic force analysis of launching mechanism of mobile bridging system and optimization of boom cylinder force
Harshavardhan.R Mahamulkar, K.AMahajan, S.Karthikeyan, Dheeraj Chavan
Page No. : 5627-5631
Effect of blow by hot gases recirculation and crankcase ventilation on emission and engine performance
Abhinandan B. Jadhav, Dr. Abhay A. Pawar
Page No. : 5632-5634
Establishment of empirical relationship between Inner and Outer Diameter of engine cylinder liner
Babasaheb B. Thete, Prasad G. Kantak, Prof. V. W. Bhatkar
Page No. : 5635-5639
Evaluation of Charge Air Cooler to Enhance Performance for Passenger Car
S. A. Barhate, K. Parmeshwar, S. P. Gadewar
Page No. : 5640-5644
Experimental investigation & analysis of composite brake linings with graphite inserts for lifting machine applications
Mrs.PriyankaS.Bankar, Mr.SubimN.Khan
Page No. : 5645-5649
Experimental Modal Analysis of Two Wheeler Frame
H. B. Borse, Dr.S. H. Sarje
Page No. : 5650-5652
Implementation of throttle- by-wire control for a vehicle
Mr.JadhavSandip Sitaram, Prof.Anurag Nema, Prof.Vivekanand Navandgi
Page No. : 5653-5657
Improving the Catalytic Converters by Change of the Materials of the Catalysts
Yash Sudhirkumar Trivedi
Page No. : 5658-5663
Investigating the behaviour of polyurethane foam for improving passenger car seat comfort
Mr. R.U. More, Mrs. Dr. R.S. Bindu
Page No. : 5664-5667
Investigation of tractor driver seat comfort level using passive suspension system
A. S. Thorat, V. M. Mhaske
Page No. : 5668-5673
Performance Analysis by Compression Ratio optimization for improved thermal efficiency using CNG as Fuel
C Anand Ramachandran, Prof A.V.Waghmare
Page No. : 5674-5678
Performance Analysis of Compression Ignition Engine by Magnetic Treatment on Fuel
Mr. Dinesh P. Panchve, Mr. J.H. Bhangale
Page No. : 5679-5683
Performance Evaluation of Planetary Gear Train for Hybrid Transmission System
Prashant S. Walunj, V. N. Choughule, Anirban C. Mitra, Deepak Chachra
Page No. : 5684-5690
Performance Evaluation of Plate Type Magneto-Rheological Brake
Nitin N. Suryawanshi, Prof. R. V. Patil, Sneha Gade, Shravani Varute
Page No. : 5691-5695
Performance evaluation of reactive Silencer
Jagtap Tushar Chindha, Dr. Zope Sanjay Bhaskar
Page No. : 5696-5699
Performance Testing and Emission measurement of Turbocharged Exhaust of Multi-cylinder CI Engine
Akshay Karande, Dr.R.R. Arakerimath
Page No. : 5700-5705
Practical Approach to Optimize Automotive Subframe for Light Commercial Vehicle using FEA
Purnendu K Dash, R. R. Arakerimath
Page No. : 5706-5711
Redesign and Analysis of Automobile Wheel Rim
Pandit Shailesh, Gajjal Shekhar
Page No. : 5712-5716
Optimization of Thinning In Deep Drawing Process Using Grey Wolf Optimizer Algorithm
Sujata Patekar, G.M.Kakandikar
Page No. : 5722-5726
Optimization of TIG Welding Process Parameters using Fractional Factorial Design of Experiment
Mukundraj V. Patil, Prof. Sachin P. Gadewar
Page No. : 5727-5731
Optimization study of a vehicle bumper subsystem with the phenomenon of crash
Niketa.S.Kankariya, Dr. F.B. Sayyad
Page No. : 5732-5737
Optimized Heat Treatment of Bearing Cup Using Taguchi Method
Pawar Paresh Sudam, S. B. Zope
Page No. : 5738-5743
Optimum Design And Analysis Of Sheet Metal Pulley
Patil Dhananjay Ravindra, Prashant B. Bawa
Page No. : 5744-5747
Optimum Kinematic Synthesis and Development of an Automatic Onion Transplanter
Mr. S. G. Dholay, Mr. S. B. Matekar
Page No. : 5748-5753
Optimum Structural Design of Vertical Milling Machine
B. S. Vikhe, Prof. V. L. Kadlag
Page No. : 5754-5759
Parameter Optimization of Composite Leaf Spring Using TLBO Algorithm
R. S. Sayare, Prof. A. G. Kamble
Page No. : 5760-5765
Parameteric Optimization on Graphite Plate By WEDM
Sudhir Ashok Shardul, Sachin K. Dahake
Page No. : 5766-5770
Parametric analysis, Optimization and heat transfer enhancement of diode laser welding using artificial neural network
Nitin B. Nikhare, Dr. R. R. Arakerimath
Page No. : 5771-5774
Parametric Study and Reliability Assessment of IGBT Module
Harichandra Lambate, Sudheendra S.
Page No. : 5775-5781
Performance optimization of heavy duty bus radiator by different coolants and material analysis
Mr.S.S.Deshmukh, Prof.S.H.Kulkarni
Page No. : 5782-5789
Redesign and Optimization of Hub Profile of Fibrizer in Sugar Cane Industry
K. A. Ransing, Dr. S. Y. Gajjal, Prof. V. V. Saidpatil
Page No. : 5790-5793
Redesign of Gravity Roller Conveyor System for Weight Reduction through Optimisation
Mr.Sanket G.Pandit, Dr.A.G.Thakur
Page No. : 5794-5798
Redesigning& Optimization of Conveyor Pulley
Prasad C. Pol, S. M. Jadhav
Page No. : 5799-5804
Residual Stress Analysis & Optimization
R. R. Prabhu, V. R. Deulgaonkar
Page No. : 5805-5807
Roller Chain Conveyor Linkfailure Analysis & Optimization
S.R. kale, R.R.navthar
Page No. : 5808-5812
Static analysis of two wheeler connecting rod by FEA and experimentation for geometry optimization
Mr. Aniket B.Phatangare, Mr. M. S.Mhaske
Page No. : 5813-5817
Stress analysis of butterfly valve and its parametric optimization
Jayant Kulkarni
Page No. : 5818-5820
Structural Analysis and Design Optimization for Handle Bar Assembly of Motor-cycle
Mr.Chandrakant S. Khemkar, Prof. Ganesh A. Kadam
Page No. : 5821-5826
Structural Analysis of Trailer Frame and Modification for Weight Optimization
Suraj B Patil, Dinesh G. Joshi
Page No. : 5836-5839
Structural Optimization of Bicycle Frame to Avoid Weld Failure and Fatigue Life Prediction of Failing Weldment
G.D.Patil, H.V.Vankudre
Page No. : 5840-5844
Torque optimization in triple offset butterfly valve
Pramod Gite
Page No. : 5845-5848
Use of optimization techniques And finite element analysis of connecting rod
P. S. Gorane, Prof. K. H. Munde
Page No. : 5849-5852
Use of Topography Optimization in Developing Bending Pattern of Compressor Mounting Plate in Refrigerator
Dayabhushan S. Thorat, Akash.R.Suryavanshi
Page No. : 5853-5859
Weight Optimization of Connecting Rod
Farhan A. Pathan, Milind Wasekar
Page No. : 5860-5863
Weight Optimization Of Outer Link Plate of Roller Chain by Topological Approach
Abhijeet A. Patil, Santosh B. Jadhav, Tushar D. Bhoite
Page No. : 5864-5868
Weight Reduction of Chassis By Weight Optimization of Wishbone Arm
Dayanand J. Mahamuni, Prof. T. R. Shinde
Page No. : 5869-5872
Wrinkling optimization in deep drawing using flower pollination algorithm
Mr. Ninad K Kulkarni, Dr G.M. Kakandikar
Page No. : 5873-5878
A Taguchi Approach on Influence of Extreme Pressure Additive on Performance of Lithium Based Grease
G. B. Jejurkar, P. N. Nagare, G. J. Vikhe-Patil
Page No. : 5884-5889
Achieving Mass Reduction in the Spur Gear Using Topology Optimization for Design Evaluation and Analysis
Mr.Satyavan S. Mokashi, Mr.Milind S. Ramgir
Page No. : 5890-5896
Analysis and Optimisation of Crankshaft
Mr. S. M. Nagare, ProfP.N.Narwade
Page No. : 5897-5901
Analysis of In-cab Noise of Passenger Car Using Taguchi Method
Swanand S. Deshpande, Mangesh R. Phate
Page No. : 5902-5908
Compressor Cover Optimization by using Response Surface Methodology and Computational Fluid Dynamics
P. B. Kale, Dr. Y.P. Reddy
Page No. : 5909-5914
Cost and Structural Optimisation of Modular Bicycle Frame
Bhagyashri Adake, Dr. A. D. Desai
Page No. : 5915-5917
Design & Optimization Of Antiroll Bar & Development Of Test Rig For Performance Measurement
Deepali L. Gore, S. K. Bhor
Page No. : 5918-5922
Design & Optimization of Composite Propeller Shaft
Rohan D. Hucche, Dr. S.Y. Gajjal, Prof.V.K.Kulloli
Page No. : 5923-5926
Design Analysis and Shape Optimization of Front Axle of Automotive Truck
Aparajita Priyadarsini Ray, Dr. R. R. Arakerimath
Page No. : 5927-5931
Design and Analysis of Heat Sink Optimization and its Comparison with Commercially Available Heat Sink
Pawar S.P., Ghuge N.C., Palande D.D.
Page No. : 5932-5939
Design and Optimization of 2-stage Variable Valve Actuation Mechanism for Diesel Engines
S. R. Lahudkar, Ashish Jain, Prof. M.V. Kulkarni
Page No. : 5940-5944
Design and optimization of adhesively bonded single-lap hybrid joint in a car door body
Ketaki .N .Sahastrabudhe, Prof. S.H.Deshmukh
Page No. : 5945-5949
Design and Optimization of Cooling Tower using Geometry Algorithms
Chavan Dipak Prakash, Londhe B. C.
Page No. : 5950-5954