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A Survey Paper on Sentiment Analysis For Product Review
Pawar Rajesh, Wankhede Rajesh, Tompe Vaibhav, Shinde Vishal, Prof. Karkalle Prashant
Page No. : 2487-2489
Detection and Avoidance of Vampire Attack in Wireless Sensor Network
Sukhada S Kadam, Aboli N Jori, Ashlesha S Pachore, Harshal R Sarade
Page No. : 2463-2466
Design of Tracking Device for Women and Children
Ashish Jha, Rohit Wagh, Naresh Ghanchi
Page No. : 2467-2469
Indoor Wireless Tracking Using Wifi
Prof. R. G. PAWAR, Vaibhav R. Rane, Vishal Kamble, Akshay Thakar, Ankit Dashetwar
Page No. : 2470-2472
NLOS Identification and Mitigation Indoor Localization: Theory, Methods, Technologies
Ritambhara P. Rajeshirke, Prof. M. R. Dhage, Atul R. Chikane
Page No. : 2473-2478
Solar Powered Pumping System by Using Microcontroller
Harsha G. Nathjogi
Page No. : 2479-2483
A Network Defense System for Detecting and Preventing Potential Hacking Attempts
Hipparkar A.A., Bhosale S.N., Shaha N.M., Kokate S.S, Nanaware P.P.
Page No. : 2484-2486
Content Protection System for Cloud Based Multimedia
Dhanashree Parmar, Pooja Talekar, Priyanka Marathe
Page No. : 2490-2492
A Survey Paper on Pothole Detection Using Wireless Sensor Nodes
Sameer Ingole, Nikhil Bhalerao, Ajay Khamkar, Sahdeo Hulge
Page No. : 2493-2495
Experimental Investigation and testing of Diesel engine and Analysis of exhaust gases by using Aqua Silencer
Sagar Gite, Aditya Ingole, Prof. M. M. Kulkarni
Page No. : 2496-2500
Human Symptom Checker using KNN and Genetic Algorithm
Sayali Avhad, Rupali Borate, Shweta Borate, Charushila Gaikwad, Shraddha Toney
Page No. : 2501-2503