Current Issue

E-Voting with Real Time Biometric Verification System Implemented in Java Web Application
Akash S Darekar, Sanjay B. Jawane, Suraj B. Munde, Prof. Vaishali P. Mali
Page No. : 4311-4314
Importance of Search Engine and Search Engine Optimization
Megha Nagawade, Prof. Amit Zore
Page No. : 4315-4318
Botnet Detection With Randomized Traffic Investigation
Jyoti P. Yewale, S. B. Chaudhari
Page No. : 4319-4322
Heart Rate and Growth Measurement with Abnormality Detection Using IOT
Akshay Khupse, Tejas Yeole, Sumeet Shinde, Kaustubh Ekatpure, Prof. M. P. Navale
Page No. : 4323-4325
Report on Sentimental Analysis of Services
Atul Kamat, Snehal Chavan, Neil Bamb, Hiral Athwani, Prof. Shital A. Hande
Page No. : 4326-4330