Volume 1 Issue 1

A Survey on Dual Security protection for Web Server Using Signature Identification
Sunil Gambhire, Chetan Dasare, Pramesh Shaha, Sumit Shinde
Page No. : 18-21
Decentralized Access Control with Indistinctive Validation of Data Stored in Clouds
Javed Y. Shaikh , Sumeet S. Gorad , Rohit R. Aiwale
Page No. : 14-17
Data Hiding in Color Image for Secure Data Transmission with RDHbyRRBE
Komal Khandale , Mrunal Patil , Rohini Tale ,Hemavati Tanpure
Page No. : 1-5
A Step Towards Load Balancing in Client-Server Communication
Rucha R. Goundadkar , Roshani K. Nakhate , Sonali K. Koratkar
Page No. : 6-9