ISB & M Issue

Design Development of Variable Inlet Vane Damper
Akshat Khandelwal, Ajosh Antony Ketan Makawana, Viren Chaudhari, Prof. Z. Ali
Page No. : 1-7
Multipurpose Crop Cutting Machine
Pravin Garale, Durgesh Birari, Sagar Babale, Akshay Chandgude
Page No. : 8-10
Quad Power bike
Deep Khandawala, Shreyan Kulkarni, Rahul Khairnar, Mr. Bhushan Shinde
Page No. : 11-13
Numerical Analysis of Flow Past Four Circular Cylinders
Ashish Jadhav, Gaurav Gaonkar, Vikaram Pawar, Siddharth Pardesi
Page No. : 14-17
Robotic Ornithopter
Sachin Thomas, Negi Ashok Singh, Rahul Singh, Shubham Pandey
Page No. : 18-21
Generation of Electricity Using Piezoelectric Speed Breakers
Rajesh marwah, Makarand kunjir, Arjun jeble, ashish sutar
Page No. : 22-24
Design and Static Analysis of Disc Brake
Shekhar B.Kalokhe, Chetan R.Dhamale, Sagar M.Tengale, Shimon S.Kasbe, Prof.P.S.Gaikwad
Page No. : 25-29
Stair Climbing Planetary Robot
Vikash Kumar, Aniket Yadav,Rajkumar Gupta,Mohiuddin Khan
Page No. : 30-34
Optimisation in Design of Mechanical Scissor Lift
Deepak Rote, Kaustubh Kolhe, Vinit mangaonkar, Vinay shinde, Mr. Syed Zulfequar Ali
Page No. : 35-39
Two Stroke Turbocharged S.I. Engine
Deepak Lonkar, Shashank Wable, Sagar Galande, Bhushan Shinde
Page No. : 40-43
Design and Fabrication of Hydraulic Crane
Rohit Zalte, Shivaji Shinde, Usnale Balaji, Jayant Deshmukh, Prof. Sambhaji Barse
Page No. : 44-46
Design & Manufacturing of rocker-Bogie
Gourang Amrujkar, Ajay Phuge, Hitesh Shinde, Sourabh Das.
Page No. : 47-51
Computer Aided Manufacturing of Titanium (Grade 5) Alloy Part
Kolhe Pravin.R., Lande Shantanu.S., Bahalar Sarang.S., Bhanushali Himanshu S., Patil Amit S.
Page No. : 52-60
Design and Development of Industrial Radiograph Digitizer
Mr.Chiraj P. Sawarbandhe, Dr.S.S.Khedkar
Page No. : 61-65
Optimum Design and Analysis of Sheet Metal Pulley
Patil Dhananjay Ravindra, Prashant B. Bawa
Page No. : 66-69
Design, Analysis and Modeling of XY Flexure Mechanism with Compliant Mechanical Amplifier-A Short Review
M. A.Bhosale, Prof. U. N. Gujar, Prof. S. S. Mulik
Page No. : 70-72
A Review : Design & FEM Analysis of Twisted Blade Micro Wind Turbine
Mr. Pavankumar S. Nikure, Dr. Chandrashekhar N. Sakhale, Dr. Nitin K. Mandavgade
Page No. : 73-75
Recent Developments in Pantographic Leg Mechanisms of Robot: A Review
Jawale Keshav Uddhavrao, Vilas Warudkar, Debendra Utkarsh
Page No. : 76-80
Design Optimization for an Expansion Loop in Petrochemical Refinery
Sanjay S. Deshpande, Hemant S. Sadafale, Milind R. Joshi, Yashodhan R. Soman, Anagha A Pawar
Page No. : 81-85
An Overview of Design,Optimization and Vibration Analysis of Peristaltic Pump Using Finite Element Analysis
Mr. Shakil H. Choudhari, Prof. M.V.Kharade
Page No. : 86-89
Review Paper on Design Analysis and Optimization of Bending Die by Using Fea Software
Gulshan P. Navrang, Dr.M.V.Nagarhalli, P.K.Sathv
Page No. : 90-92
Design and Optimization of Gating and Feeding System for Casting: A Review
Sachin L. Nimbulkar, Dr. Rajendra S. Dalu
Page No. : 93-96
Applications of Solar Energy in India
A. S. Aradhye,J. P. Pawar
Page No. : 117-119
Study of Material Removal Rate and Surface Roughness on D2 Steel in Electro-discharge Machining
Subhasish Prusty, Akash Ray, B.C. Routara
Page No. : 104-108
Composite Process Chart: A New Method Study
Aniket Patel, Aniket Gajjar
Page No. : 109-112
A Review on Recent Developments and Future Prospect of Wood Plastic Composites
D. Utkarsh, V. Warudkar, K. U. Jawale
Page No. : 113-116
Review of Condition Monitoring and fault diagnosis technologies for Bearing.
Ms.Shelke A. A.,Dr.DongreA.D., Prof. Galhe D.S.
Page No. : 117-120
Increasing productivity of cylinder head cores by process modification: A case study
Prof. Subhash Mane, Sujay More
Page No. : 121-132
Estimation of average waiting time by using simulation & queuing analysis in radiotherapy section
Ishan P. Lade, A. T. Wadgure, P. K. Kamble, V. P. Sakhare
Page No. : 133-137
Natural Frequency & Mode Shape Analysis of Rotordisc With Diametralslots
Miss. Varsha Waikar , Prof.V.B.Ghagare
Page No. : 138-142
Design & modelling of a fixture for plannet carriers
Purvi Chauhan, Aniket Patel, Smit Detroja, Ruchit Sabhadiya
Page No. : 97-103
Natural Frequency & Mode Shape Analysis of Rotordisc With Diametralslots
Miss. Varsha Waikar , Prof.V.B.Ghagare
Page No. : 138-142
Review of Condition Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis Technologies for Bearing
Ms.Shelke A. A., Prof. Galhe D.S.
Page No. : 143-146
Research on Improvement of Compressed Air System Performance in Industry
Amit Meshram, Chhotelal R. Chafle, Sushant S. Bawankule
Page No. : 147-151
Design of Ejector Parameters and Geometry for Ejector Expansion Refrigeration System- A Review
Akshay R. Ghotkar, Prof. Nitin V. Sali
Page No. : 152-157
The Effect of Miller Cycle Strategy Early Intake Valve Closure on Thermal Efficiency of the Diesel Engine
Swapnil S. Jahagirdar, Amarsingh B. Kanase-Patil
Page No. : 158-164
Experimental Investigation of Performance, Combustion and Emission in Diesel Engine by Using Biodiesel Blends of Cottonseed Oil and Eucalyptus Oil
Mr. P.N. Suryawanshi, Mr.Suyog R. Patil, Prof. C.L. Ladekar
Page No. : 165-170
Port Fuel Injection (PFI) Strategies for Lean Burn in Small Capacity Spark Ignition Engines
Shailendra Patil , Santosh Trimbake
Page No. : 171-176
Power gas An Example Of The Emerging Novel Gaseous Fuel For SI Engine
Narendra G Asane, Santosh B Trimbake
Page No. : 177-182
Possible Causes of Induction Pressure Reduction in a Four Stroke Compression Ignition Engine: A Review
Dipak C. Talele, Dr. Dheeraj S. Deshmukh, Swapnil A. Rajput
Page No. : 183-186
Numerical Study of a Liquid Mixing Device for Electro-osmotic Flow (EOF) Driven Microfluidic Device Using CFD
Aamir M. Shaikh
Page No. : 187-191
Mathematical Modelling of Indirect Evaporative Cooler Having Different Types of Flow Configurations
Ranjan.P Singh, Bharadwaja reddy B.
Page No. : 192-196
Use of CAD tool to improve effectiveness of Cotton Lint Bailing Press
Ashwini R.Burghate, Prof. M. V. Gudadhe, Triveni R. Petale, Ankush D. Bhishnurkar
Page No. : 197-199
Development of Lateral Cock Valve And 3D Printing Technology
Shirsath P.S, Suryawanshi S.R
Page No. : 200-204
Natural Frequency & Mode Shape Analysis of Rotordisc With Diametralslots
Miss. Varsha Waikar, Prof.V.B.Ghagare
Page No. : 205-209
A General Paper Review on Effect of Misalignment on Vibration Response of Coupling
A.A.Pachpor, G.D.Mehta, M.K.Sonpimple, S.N.Awatade
Page No. : 210-213
Design and Automation of Bunding Machine
Aarti Dattatray Ranmal, Naik Atul, Naik Pooja, Kulkarni Radhika
Page No. : 214-218
Design and Static Analysis of I-Section Frame For Automobile Chassis
Mr. S. P. Chaphalkar, Ms. Nilesha U. Patil, Ms. Kamal M.Dalvi
Page No. : 219-222
Topology Optimisation Of Crankshaft Using FEA Technique
Mr. N.R.Chavan
Page No. : 223-226
Importance of Active Head Restraint to protect from Whiplash Injury
Walavalkar Shridhar A., Sonawane Pavankumar R.
Page No. : 227-231
Failure Analysis and Optimization of Handle Bar Assembly of Motor Cycle
Mr.Chandrakant S. Khemkar, Prof. Ganesh A. Kadam
Page No. : 232-237
Design and Experimental Investigation on Composite Automotive Drive Shaft
Sudhanshu Subudhi, Shubhankar Yarnal, Mangesh Rane, Tushar Shelar
Page No. : 238-240
Design and Experimental Investigation on Composite Automotive Drive Shaft
Sudhanshu Subudhi, Shubhankar Yarnal, Mangesh Rane, Tushar Shelar
Page No. : 238-240
Harmonic Supression at the Point of Common Coupling
Atul R. Pawar, Vijay Harne
Page No. : 241-247
Optimization of Mechanical Gear Shifting Ball Housing Using Benchmarking & VAVE Methodologies
A.Bhosale, V.Bonde, B.Bhise, C.Tripathi
Page No. : 248-251
Kinetic Energy Recovery System
Birudev Devkate, Pravin Gosavi, Umakant Suryawanshi, Harichadra Atole
Page No. : 252-254
Design Analysis and Optimization of Crankshaft of 3 Cylinder Diesel Engine
Swagat Salunkhe, Shubham Lad, #3Dheeraj Khadse, Rahul Shendkar
Page No. : 255-257
Numerical Simulation of aiming point strategy method for small heliostat field for optimization of the receiver size
Mr. Chandradeep Nagarale, Prof. P. M. Gadhe
Page No. : 258-261
Maintenance Policies for Small Overhead Cranes
Ketan S. Patil, Dr. Ashok G. Matani
Page No. : 262-265
Hybrid Laser-MIG Welding-An Investigation of Geometrical Considerations
Susheel S. Mundada, Dr. Ashok G. Matani
Page No. : 266-269
Air Filling In A Moving Tyres
Shreedhar Urade, Akshay Parkad, Dhiraj Bobade, Prof. A.H Bulbule
Page No. : 270-272
Investigation of Wear & Friction Characteristics of Laminated Polymer Matrix Composite at Different Temperature - A Review
Udmale Sandeep B., Dr.Patil Rupesh J.,
Page No. : 273-277
Generation of Electricity Using Piezoelectric Speed Breakers
Rajesh Marwah, Makarand Kunjir, Arjun Jeble, Ashish Sutar
Page No. : 278-280
Drilling Machine With Flexible Shaft Attachment
S.Kangane, P.Dahibhate, S.Avhad, J.Chavan, Prof.S.Durgavade
Page No. : 281-283
Design And Manufacture Of Fixture For HMC For Production Of Sv11 Bonnet
Shirsat A. B. , Shiraskar D. B., Raut S.V., Dhumal A. S.
Page No. : 284-286
RP Medical Model Preparation and Its Applications
M.V. Deshmukh, B.S. Shinde, S.G. Khobragade
Page No. : 287-290
A Review : Development of Wall Cleaning Machine
Mr. Saket Dharamshahare, Dr. Girish D. Mehta, Prof. Akshay A Pachpor
Page No. : 291-293
Automatic and Portable Gas Pipe Cutter
Imran. I. Sayyad, PawarShubham S., ShrirameRavishankar A., RautAmol V., Yadav Rohit N
Page No. : 294-296
Scrap Handling System Using Magnetic Belt Conveyor
Salunkhe S. G., Patel S. R., Shewale K. A., Kambale A. R.
Page No. : 297-300
Automatic Manual Transmission System in Automobile
Ajit Salunke, Ashok Chillarge, Vikas Gupta, Dattatraya Jagdale
Page No. : 301-303
Organic Fertilizer Spreading Trolley
Suraj Thorat , Gaikwad Sushant P., Devrukhe Ajay S., Tuyedekar Rahul L., Khemkar chandrakant S.
Page No. : 304-308
Advancement of Hydrogen as a Fuel in 4-Stroke Internal Combustion Engine
Prof.S.V.Borkar, Prof. S.V.Kale, Prof. S.P. Daf
Page No. : 309-313
Cold Star Emission for an E85 Engine Using Aquino Model
Bhushan Maheshwari
Page No. : 314-318
Heat Transfer Enhancement in A Plate-Fin Heat Exchanger Using Vortex Generator in Medium Scale Industry
Surajkumar S. Darvankar, Dr.A.G.Matani
Page No. : 319-322
Nanofluids and stability
B.D. Kusure, Prof. P.K. Tamkhade, Prof.AutiShashikant
Page No. : 323-325
Simulation of Flow through Suddenly Expanded Duct
Zulfequar Ali, Syed Ashfaq, S.K.Bhosale
Page No. : 326-329
Experimental and Numerical Study of Condensation Using Additives on Copper Surface for Heat Transfer Enhancement
G.Choudhari, A.R. Acharya, A.T.Pise
Page No. : 330-338
Helmet Cooling System
Santosh Bhosale, Rushikesh
Page No. : 339-341
Heat Recovery System for Dairy Plants
M. Shinde, #2P.Sarak , D.Patil ,R.Parave,,B. Mahadik
Page No. : 342-344
Evaluation of Plate Heat Exchanger over Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger
Bhatiya Pravin S., Pawar Swapnil S., Shinde Ramdas k., Magar Abhijeet h.
Page No. : 345-347
Radiator Pressure Cap
Sanket Bansod, Ritesh Bhole, Sudhir Gore, Mihir Shetye
Page No. : 348-353
Subcooled flow boiling heat transfer Characteristics of water Al2O3 Nanofluid inside a verticle threaded tube
F. S. Tanekhan, B.D. Mahadik, Z. Ali, P.D.Nemade
Page No. : 354-358
Effect of Multiple Twisted Tape Inserts on Thermal Performance of Tubular Heat Exchanger
Zulfequar Ali , Chakole M.M. , S.K.Bhosale
Page No. : 359-365
Performance analysis of heat exchanger with different types of fins
Miss. Priyanka Ghurde, Prof. S.P.Yeole
Page No. : 366-370
Experimental Analysis of Bubble Dynamics during Pool Boiling of Water for Heat Transfer Augmentation
S.K. Barse, P. B. Pawar, A. R. Acharya, S. S. Gajghate
Page No. : 371-374
Analysis of Exhaust Manifold by Thermal Coupled Approach
Miss Pooja Nemade, Dr. R. K. Patil
Page No. : 375-379
Estimation of Aerodynamic Derivatives of A Wedge in Hypersonic Flow
Asad Ullah, S. A. Khan, Syed Ashfaq
Page No. : 380-383
RP Medical Model Preparation And Its Applications
M.V. Deshmukh, Kalpesh Bramhankar, S.G. Khobragade, Bhushan Shinde
Page No. : 384-388
Optimization of shrink fitted compound pressure vessel
Mrs.KalyaniPawar, Dinesh G. Joshi
Page No. : 389-393
Foot Operated Steering Mechanism
Mandar Patil, Prashant Pawar Swapnil Patil, Swapnil Honrao
Page No. : 394-396
A Review on Optimization of Centrifugal Pump Impeller
Vikram A. Jagtap, Prof. Shrikant B. Jadhav.
Page No. : 397-400
Simply Supported Fibre Glass Composite Beam fault-Crack investigation Based on Natural Frequencies-A Review
V.J Suryawanshi, S.S.Wawre
Page No. : 401-404
Design And Development of Stamping Parts Using CAE Technology
Akshay Chaudhari, Suraj Jadhav, Ojas Ahirrao, Rushikesh Deore, Prof.S.R.Jadhav
Page No. : 405-407
Investigation Of Performance And Emission Of CI Engine Using Palm Oil Methyl Ester as fuel and Emission Reduction using EGR
Chavan Shubham Dattatray, Bhatkar Siddhant Sadanand, Banale Ashish Ranganath, More Satish Ashok, Prof.S.R.Jadhav
Page No. : 408-410
A Coupled Simulated Annealing-Hill Approach for Mechanism Synthesis with Twenty Accuracy Points
Dr. M.K. Sonpimple, M. S. Matey
Page No. : 411-417
An Approach Towards Uni-Directional Dumper
Mrs. R. S. Tupkar, S. B. Jawalekar, S. M. Awatade, S. D. Shelare
Page No. : 418-422
Structural Health Monitoring of Composites
Hemant D. Sarode, Rohidas R. Wayakole
Page No. : 423-427
Reverse Braking System In Automobiles
Akshay K. Tupe, Atul R. Bhujbal, Prasad V. Ghume, Shubham C. Bende
Page No. : 428-430
Optimization Of Process Parameters in Deep Drawing Process Based on Simulation Software
Sumit S. Pakhale, Dr. Ashok G. Matani
Page No. : 431-434
Design & Development of Guillotine Damper
Nikhil Satish Dhumal, Sanjeev Gupta, Mohit Sobalkar, Sandeep Dattatray Suryawanshi, Prof. S. R. Durgavade
Page No. : 435-439