COEP Issue

Design and Development of Laser Manipulation System for hardening of cylinder liner
S S Bhavikatti,S S Pardeshi, S B Patil, R N Ladhwe
Page No. : 1-4
Analytical Solution to Transient Heat Conduction Equation
S. S. Bhavikatti, S. S. Pardeshi, S. B. Patil, R. N. Ladhwe, S. V. Wagh
Page No. : 5-11
Experimental Analysis of GFRP butt-joint under Leak Test
R. N. Ladhwe, ShantanuLadhwe, NarendraKulkarni , Pratik Jadhav, Steven Prasad, S. S. Bhavikatti
Page No. : 12-16
Experimental And Numerical Analysis Of FRP Butt Joint Between Aluminium And Steel Pipes Using Glass Fiber Matrix Under Tensile Loading
R. N. Ladhwe,Shantanu Ladhwe,S. S. Bhavikatti,Narendra Kulkarni
Page No. : 17-21
Design Automation of Rigid Flange Coupling by interfacing Creo Parametric 2.0 with Ms-Excel
DR. N. K. Choughule
Page No. : 22-25
Effect of Fibre Orientation on Flexural Properties of Carbon Fibre Reinforced Epoxy (CFR-E) Composite Material
Kishor Shingare, Prof. P.V. Deshmukh
Page No. : 26-29
Investigation of Jet Impingement on Flat Plate Using Triangular and Trapezoid Vortex Generators
Sonali S Nagawade, Prof. S Y Bhosale, Prof. N K Chougule
Page No. : 30-34